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  1. what do you mean artwork? like pics? and who's stealing it if that's all... or do you mean the movie itself... i'm gonna rent it when it comes out on dvd anyways so bleh, i'm not completely stealing it... ^^; but if it is just artwork then i'm not doing that ?_? ¬_¬ oh and like me new sig? magic did most of it but i added the hearts and sweatdrop cuz he could find the sprites and didn't wanna make em i guess... I think he means media of entertainment sorts such as movies or music. In other words, things that cost money. Personally, if I can't find what I want anywhere else, I'll download it, b
  2. Wrong, the night I played with you was the first time I'd been on in a while. In any case, I had one hell of a night (in a bad way). First off, I found that the girls I hung out with were probably some of the most airheaded and immature women I've ever met. And second, I was forced to give one of them a ride home. It was somehow decided that I was going to do that, and it was 10 miles out of the way. I am really mad at her for doing that. She didn't ask or anything, all she said (on her phone to her father) was that I was giving her a ride home. I did NOT agree to that. On top of which, I bare
  3. I don't hear anyone asking me to play, I feel so insulted If the girls I have to be around today don't keep me for too long, I will play when I get home tonight. If not, the earliest will be sunday.
  4. I actually finished playing MGS2 last week for the second time and I actually paid attention to the dialogue and finally understood the story. It's like Evangelion, you have to watch (or play) it a couple times to get the story, because every little thing is important.
  5. Actually scratch out Friday because apparently I have TWO WIVES (Don't ask, even I don't know) from work that want me to do something with them .... no, not a threesome (although that would be kinda interesting ). But I might still play wednesday night and maybe when I get home friday.
  6. I played a little yesterday, but I probably wont play tonight as I will be working until 10:00PM. Other than that, I had a few good games with Darkflame, General Ewok, and Dr. Marius. I ended up playing some team sniper games (and I was always the one with the most points on my team) and no one else joined in for the night. And thanks for not playing last night Wespip, way to be a team player Don't know when I'll be on again though, If I'm not too wasted from working and don't end up getting my new game or models, I will play wednesday night and possibly friday.
  7. Okay... I WILL MAKE AN EFFORT TO BE ON TONIGHT!!!!! I've had a rough and busy week and I would like to take the time to take out some frustration. I know I haven't been on a lot recently but only due to work and my dad hogging the Xbox so hopefully I can play a little tonight.
  8. I'll try to be on tonight if my dad doesn't hog the Xbox (He has his own Live account now ) playing MotoGP3. But I recently got some really cool games for my PS2 (Gundam: Encounters in Space and Zone of Enders) so those will keep me busy until the new Gundam Seed game (That is rumored to be the best Gundam game yet. Yeah, a Gundam game that is GOOD) comes out next week. Until then, I'll just have to be patient and play the games I have. If not tonight, I'll play tomorrow before I go to work. I PROMISE!!!!
  9. Gwar!!!!! I feel like the only person who hasn't seen it yet. I think I'll be patient and wait for it to be released here in the US, even though I have been waiting over a year for it. Possibility of me playing tonight is about 30%
  10. BLAH!!!!! What a hectic week I've been having Beside work and all other crap, haven't had much chance to get online lately. If I'm not doing anything, I'll try and play tomorrow. But my dad recently discovered Xbox live and got his own account so he's been playing a lot of Moto GP 3 lately, so I may not get a chance to.
  11. Urgh, wasn't really in the mood to play tonight (and my dad was playing MotoGP3). Sorry guys
  12. Speaking of which, where the hell were you tonight? I make a (somewhat) triumphant return and you aren't even there Anyway, it was a good evening playing with some random guys, Metrion, Redchlorine, and others. Won't be able to make it tomorrow, but I might squeeze in some time on Sunday to play a few games.
  13. Okay..... I have been at an absence from playing Halo for a while now (almost 3 weeks) and my brain is craving violence. Now... the reason I haven't been on recenty is because my dad has discovered the wonders of XBox Live and Moto GP3 (Which is why you may have seen my gamertag saying that). This has prevented a few opportunities to play but if I can convince him not to play tomorrow, I might be on. Can't guarantee anything though.
  14. Please excuse my long absence, I've just been incredibly busy for the past few days. That's what happens when you leave yourself available everyday of the week with two jobs. But I might play Saturday night if I have enough time.
  15. Heh, that sucks Sorry I haven't been on lately. If it weren't for working the whole weekend and having to go to Great America (A theme park for those of you who don't live in California ), I would have been on last night. In any case, I might be on either tonight or tomorrow, it all depends on how badly I want to play. But now that I have my PS2 back in possession, I have been playing Ace Combat 5 like crazy and enjoying every second of it . There is a 35% chance I will play when I get home from work tonight.
  16. OMFG!!!!LOLZ!!!! I finally got around to watching this vid and I must say it was friggin' hilarious! In any case, It was a relatively short evening, and Sonic once again proved he is worthy of the Explosives Badge I made for him. Good pwnage, Sonic. Over all it was dull for me as I was not as crisp as I normally am, but there's always tomorrow night. Hope to see some people on.
  17. Ah dammit. The link worked earlier. It was the sniper match where I beat you 8 to 15. PWNED XD I might play tonight, but I told someone I might play Forza Motorsport. If you see me, feel free to let me know you're around and I'll join up/
  18. Yeah sorry 'bout that, but there were a couple reasons for that. Primarily I was getting a little irritated, but I guess I could blame that on my lack of sleep the night before and I was really in no mood to be taking any jokes. Plus I needed food . I left my browser on signalling I might be back, but a few people had left by the time I got back . And dr. Marius. I may be slow with jokes and the like, but I can still kick your ass
  19. Looks like something I could do in fireworks if the 2 variables are TRUE:~)if PC = shiny and fixed and had studio mx back on it( ~)if i had the resources Did mine in photoshop. I'm quite proud of it
  20. I dunno, I haven't had much motivation to play online lately. And I might see Stealth tonight with the family. In which case I won't be on tonight.
  21. Didn't make it tonight, but only because I made this uber-awesome pic! (email or pm me for a larger image) View it here I updated a new one where the text is more visible, but this isn't the one.
  22. Might be on later, there's a 45% chance I will. I just haven't had the incentive to play for the last couple-o-days. But since Lazy will be on, I might make some point to be on later
  23. I have buyers remorse.... I bought a new PS2 and now it doesn't even belong to me. It now belongs to.... THE FAMILY!!!!!
  24. If my dad doesn't give me my damn brand new playstation back, I'll play tonight after work.
  25. Normally I would read this post and immediately oblige, but I'm dead tired from going to the San Jose Grand Prix, and not feeling so well either. I wouldn't have the mentality to play even if I wanted to, in fact, I'm surprised I'm even concious enough to write this post. Maybe tomorrow-night.
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