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  1. Mega Man 2 'Bubble Man (Electron Mix)' Organ does the main tune as fake guitars, bass etc come in and out playing different parts. More panning should have been done here, but it's still quite acceptable. The drums have a short delay on them which sounds sort of cool, and there's just enough variety to keep you interested. Some of the highs are a little sharp, but it's still ok for the most part. Ok song, but could have been better in the creativity department.
  2. Herzog Zwei 'Breach' This game is so awesome and very overlooked. People who enjoyed games back in the day will appreciate this mix from Herzog Zwei on the 16-bit Genesis. I first rented the Mega Drive version of this game from a local game shop and it played on my Genesis without modification or any adapters. I was stoked. I didn't know what I was doing but soon got into it. It's TechnoSoft so of course the music was great. This is my tribute to that fabulous action/strategy game. There are lots of great tunes to mix but I chose this one. I wanted to make it sound sort of nostalgic, which I think I accomplished during the intro and outro. I'm not one to toot my own horn, but this is better than TechnoSoft's own arrangement of music from the same game. In fact I'd say the original cartridge music is better than the TechnoSoft CD! Anyway if you enjoyed the game I think you'll like this mix. If you've never played the game, give it a try anyway. It's action music but it's not overwhelming, and it sounds smooth.
  3. Banana 'Slumber Party' I have no idea what this game is about or why it's called "Banana" but I really dig this remix of it! It's extremely fun to listen to. I like music that is good (I know... I'm a dying breed) so I really like the melody here and also the energy that kicks in. My only complaint would be that it is too short. But it does hold up well to repeated listenings. Sounds cool and I heartily recommend everyone give it a try... it's small so you might as well.
  4. Alex Kidd in Miracle World 'Sugar High' This was my first ReMix submitted to this fantastic site. I saw that DJP was a Sega fanboy (as am I) so I figured he'd take quick notice to this.... and he did! He quickly posted it and sent me a check for $1,000, which I feel that everyone should do. OK so he didn't do that. This is a decent mix, I think. It shouldn't blow you away and you shouldn't run away screaming, either. I added a string section towards the middle to change things up a bit, otherwise it it the main Alex Kidd melody with far superior instruments than those used in the Sega Master System and Sega Genesis versions of the game.
  5. Tetris 'Slavic Roots' djp's take on the Tetris music is quite interesting. When it first starts out you feel as if you are in Afghanistan or some other middle eastern country. Then the percussion starts and you feel like you are back in the good ol' USA where we have drums! Throughout all of this it still has a Russian flavor to it. The only thing I don't really like is how it ends... It sounds like djp is passing the melody out of his ass or something. Amusing!
  6. Chrono Trigger 'Time Punk' Very nice remix from jaxx. The only thing holding this back is its length - at 1 minute exactly, I would have liked to hear a lot more. But overall, a welcome addition to the plethora of Zeal mixes.
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