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  1. Deflektor 'Laser Dance' Mr. Dodgers exposes us to a very happy blippy but cool mix from the game Deflektor. Ok panning here, quite a large amount of bass, and a good choice of instruments. Quite a few changes here too, although I probably would have preferred a few others to mix the song up a little more. It's a good listen, it's got fairly good mixing and the overall sound quality is pretty good. Synth orientated. I can't really think of anything else to say. Good work Chuck!
  2. Lemmings 'DABOMB' Short and sweet by dabombinc. Making use of a drum and bass type loop incorporating a voice sample to keep the groove, some smallish synths for the main tune and some nice reverb, the song plays along bringing loops in and out. Pretty standard stuff here, but it is well done, and some good panning is used. Keeps at a steady pace, not too fast, just right.
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