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So finally someone does a Ristar Remix (no mix)


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Hey Everyone!

Been away from this place for a long time and funny enough, what reminded me to come back was some mixes I put on my Zune heh.

Anyway, I noticed the lack in mixes for the Ristar section and I decided to do some. One important note about both of them is that they are both NOT MIXED and there are a few things on the first track (Burning Star) that I have to remove but I'm just letting you listen to it anyway :). Well with that, here we go.

1. The first track is based off Level 3 section 1 as Ristar lands on the hot fire planet. Here is the original track called "Busy Flare":

And here is the remix I call "Burning Star". I small note about this, I developed this track a little over a year ago but just never got the chance to mix and submit it. Hopefully this year (lol) I can. It was reviewed once but I'm just posting it again....ok enough talking here it is:


2. The second track is based off Level 2 section 2 as Ristar dives deeper into the water planet. Here is the original track noted as "Break Silence":

And here my remix I call "Silent Splash". I little FYI, this is the newest between the two. I just finished writing this about 3hrs ago with a development time of about 2 days. The current mix is a little low in volume so you may need to tweak. Aside from the two, I always wanted to remix this one. I had the arrangement in my head for like ever! Always loved this track :D


Hope you like em, hope I can mix em sooner of later, and have a nice day :D

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Stick to one remix per post, man, and don't link to your own remix when commenting on other ppl's remixes, unless you want to be considered annoying. You do get a thumbs up for linking to source for reference, tho. :)

I'll just comment on the first one now. It's full of redundant sounds that just clutter up the soundscape. I think I get what you were going for but the execution is lacking. You should drop volume by half on most of them, or remove them entirely.

This actually reminds me a bit of Hoboka's style, both in concept and execution, maybe even in genre. Some of the good parts, most of the bad parts. Indivdual track mixing is better, but overall mix is way worse.

Also, the drums seem ill matched to the tempo sometimes. You might want to reconsider using that right-panned hihat. As it's currently panned, it's distracting, tho that could also be sample-related.

Arrangementwise, I recognized enough of the theme in it to say it's good on that part. Now you need to clean it up, get rid of the clutter and fix the drums.

And see if you can find another server. Tindeck and Sendspace are pretty decent ones.

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Alright, listening.

1. Sounds pretty sweet in the beginning. I like the lead youve got going.

Every once and again I hear a little... how do I put this. Like the bar drags on for an extra beat, that has nothing in it. Might wanna look at fixing that? unless its there for a reason.

Ahh, nice change of styles. I like the drums alot. Though they seem to over power the instruments, or the instruments are just too quiet.

Hmm now piano, sound pretty nice. Overall, I'd say work on your volumes.

Heh, another interesting style change for a breakdown, nice.

Overall, a nice mix youve got going. Work on those things I talked about, and I think it would sound awesome.

2. I like the ambience you have going here. Very nice. Cool vocals.

I like the style youve got going here. haha.. for some reason it reminds me of something you would hear in Sim City 4 :P. I really like this. The jazzyness of it is awesome. Not much I can say about this one. Its pretty solid :D.

Awesome stuff :D

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Yeah, I said I'd review your stuff but more or less everything seems to have been touched upon already. I'm not the best to review things anyway.

First one: Nice first half and I think the changeover halfway through works conceptually, you just need to execute that half of the song better like Rozovian said. Make sure the lead instruments are clearly heard over everyting else and build up to that part more so its not just an instant change of genre.

Second: Nice ambient stuff, but the intro might be dragging on for a bit too long. Again theres a genre change halfway through but definitely better executed than the first mix. Intersting, unique stuff hear overall but the saxophone (or whatever) could be better. You should definitely listen to the Chrono trigger "Brink of time" album. It's got some unique trippy jazz in it that could help you make this better.

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Haha, I don't know how Rozovian can draw a comparison between this and Hoboka's stuff. No offense to Hoboka, but this is WAY better in terms of concept, arrangement, melodies, execution, sequencing and sample quality.

The arrangement on Burning Star is TIGHT, the orchestral intro reminds me of the Super Mario Galaxy OST, which is AWESOME. The transition to the electronica part could be better, but still, it works. The downside is the mixing on the whole is lacking quite a bit. It's bearable during the orchestral section, but when the electronica beats drop, they seem to overpower just about everything. The left-panned electronic beeping seems to distract from the lead instrument as well.

ALL the leads need to be WAY LOUDER and more center-panned. It's just sad that the piano plays such a beautiful melody but I have to strain to hear it over the beeping and drums.

Overall, I'd say this is nearly up to standard, just needs better balancing and you're golden. Go for it!

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