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OCR00912 - Secret of Mana "Desert Snowstorm"


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Yes! A Secret of Mana mix that isn't new age or filled to the brim with tubular bells. And what's more, it's energetic, bright and expertly made.

It's actually one of the most confident sounding mixes I've heard on the site; things are so strong on all fronts. Genre-bending is one thing, but pulling it off so satisfyingly is quite another. The result is something that sounds both effortless and laborious at the same time. It's a great achievement, and a really inventive variation from usual Kikuta fare.

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Ziwtra has carved out his own legacy by focusing on tightly arranged instrumentation with exceptional care to details, and this song is one of his strongest. The percussion and bass specifically are highlights, with synths accenting specific bass notes throughout.

Great variety in sections while still remaining cohesive, and superb forward momentum.

This is a stellar mix; simply virtuosic.

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Once again, an intro by Ziwtra that helps get us ready for what's to come. Hahn really enjoys the juxtaposition of the soft intro that leads into a fast and frantic song, and it works exceptionally well. I love the bass here! It grooves really hard and anchors the track by bridging the gap between the very fast drum work and the slower synth lines. The stuttering/gated synths are absolutely divine and add some much dynamics to the track. The glitchy synth section was also very well executed. This mix is a bit different from Hahn's previous pieces as this track focuses more on the textures than a melody line, and I have to say, I definitely feeling it! Don't get me wrong, there is melody in here, to say the least, but the brilliance of this track is in the detail and the dynamics. We also get a healthy dose of the pan flute that Youngjin likes to use! Excellent work!

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR00912 - Secret of Mana "Desert Snowstorm"
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