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Kingdom Hearts 'Traverse Town'

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I'm not counting this a review, but I wanted to bump this and ask if anything has been worked on for this. I've had it on my ipod for a long time, and it's still one of my favorite WIP remixes. I know back when I first heard it I posted a massive fangasm, but after all this time, I still love it.

Funny, but even after a year of listening to it the way it is, I haven't come up with too many things I'd like to change about it. Obviously a better cut needs to be made, because the sax clicking can get really obvious on good headphones. I still think the piano could use a solo in there as well, even a subtle one. A key change might also add that extra bit of flair, but I think you'd want to be careful about losing the feel of the song, which is a very slummy, smoky kind of jazz/blues.

If you were going to add other instruments to this mix, it might have to be more than one. Cymbals alone would sound forced, because the two of you do a good job filling in the gaps by yourselves. Maybe cymbals, a bass, and something else though, would turn into a full jazz piece. But I can't really say whether that would change the whole nature of the piece though.

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I actually think this is fine, if not perfect, as it is with piano + sax, and I think a key change might change the overall mood of the piece, although it's tough to say if a change to a different minor would hurt.

Personally, though I've commented on perhaps changing a bit here and there, I think it's wonderful the way it is, and any changes made should be small ones. If you do change something though, please don't change the ending (2:43 onward). It's perfect.

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Amazing work here! The change to minor chords totally makes the track beautiful. I like it more than the original. I have no complains whatsoever but only wish there were more layers in the track (like strings, violins, flutes, bass etc.). But still, awesome remix as it is! Nice work! :)

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