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Kingdom Hearts 'Traverse Town'


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model, or type?

it's an alto sax, but if you want specifics it's a selmer series III alto saxophone (paris, not USA), with a vandoren optimum mouthpiece and ligature, with vandoren 3 reeds.

That's exactly what I want. I've started to become interested in saxophones because they just sound sexy, especially with piano (which is what I play now). How much did that thing cost you? I'm not looking to buy an expensive one, I'm just curious because a quick search on google ran up some high prices.

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I'm really impressed with your 2-part arrangement. Bravo! Loved the sax... the sex meister! Hell yes! Anyway, I was in love with that piece just roaming around Traverse Town and you guys have done this justice to the maxx!! I just wish I had the required items to personally record stuff into my computer.

- So, yeah..... my two cents would be:

- I think it'd be more than fitting for a nicely-added key change, like right after that 2:00 mark... then end the song in the new key. However, I did think the ending was superb -- excellent feel on the last few chords; it really locked everything in and left a good taste in my mouth.

- I absolutely agree with a couple of the others (forgot the specific names, sorry) -- adding a neat, little hook on piano towards the beginning would be ideal.

In conclusion, I think if you guys did the above two steps, you'd be submitting a masterpiece. Also, the balance between the two instruments is excellent.

- Keep up the great work, guys! ;)

- J-Pfleg

P.S. - Also, to all of the Kingdom Heart fans, check out my "Dearly Beloved" ReMix on my music profile at : myspace.com/jnolanpflegl

- I know there are a few areas I can improve, but I'm working on it and any constructive criticism would be more than appreciated. Thanks! Kingdom Hearts 4EVR!! =P

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My two cents:

please don't ruin this beautiful piece with percussion! Percussion will just give it a cliche'd lift music jazz vibe.

What I am in favour of is after 2/3 of the piece, do something to provide greater contrast. Some subtle strings would be nice, but a piano part (sax tacet), in a higher octave, will add some extra 'magic'.

A key change would be possible too, key changes are not BAD, but playing the same thing over again in another key is cliched, and not the best example of effective key changing.

A key change AND a melody/rhythm change together could really do wonder to create a totally new mood to surprise the listener.

Keep it up, you guys are great at playing your instruments!!

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Love the remix that the thread is about you guys really do amazing things with the music. I am just dj but love to hear the in depth discussion of one song and how you come to make it into the final mix.

Hey everyone,

My friend and I recorded this some time ago. I am playing the piano (used Reason 3.0, put a few basic effects, some reverb, just kept it simple), my friend, who on OCR is the prophet of mephisto, is playing sax.

I'm open for suggestions, what do you think?


Man, this composition on the piano is truly some great work. I have yet to hear people actually take some time to solo out this in traditional style and you did great job. Would mind if I down load for the radio a few of your works phyrgian from that site you noted ?

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