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Looking for good, free anti-virus software


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my only complaint with Avast is that the free version isn't overly thorough as it could be, but it is free, and it's better than nothing.

I prefer AntiVir mostly for several reasons.

1) it's very fast.

2) the onguard scanner doesn't hinder performance much at all.

3) it's pretty simple and straightforward. I'm not sure how "learned" your grandparents are when it comes to computers and what-not, but this is certainly a good choice for "simple" and yet "effective", with automatic updates as well.

4) for being free it's likely the most thorough for catching LEGIT virus'.

In the end, I'd say Avast! or AntiVir are your best shot. I'd say stay away from AVG Antivirus though, I've had so many headaches with it that it's not even funny. And it has a tendency to not do what it's supposed to, ie. not catch virus' before it's too late.

In the end though, the best virus protection is the person using the computer. If they know what to do and what not to do, they can save themselves plenty of aggravation in the longrun. Start by installing Mozilla Firefox, and to be internet cautious for what they download and run. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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According to AV-Comparatives.org, Avira AntiVir has the best detection rate of any antivirus program. The downside, though, is that it supposedly picks up more false positives, though I haven't seen any so far. If you look at the detailed version of the report, it has a list of the false positives it came up with if you're interested. The only other antivirus that even comes close to Avira's detection rate is Nod32, and it does so without finding many false positives. As for avast! and AVG, they're decent antivirus programs, and are certainly better than nothing.

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