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OCR00925 - Final Fantasy IV "A Chocobo's Mystic Life"


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Nice melodic shifts, it really makes a track that has been beaten into most of our heads surprising and fun. The lead could use a little more modulation and personality, but the rest of the track is great; at least up until the overly sudden ending. Some great breakdowns and detours, into something that is a bit reminiscent of the secret of mana soundtrack.

This track takes the scenic route, and is really fun- check it out, you'll wish every chocobo remix was this good. :-)

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Warning: Extreme bubbliness.

I dig what goes on this one a whole lot, in that it constantly surprises me and keeps on improving and building a nice structure of little melodic ideas. This is quite far from the straightfoward treatment of the source I initially thought it would be. In fact, the depth to the arrangement is fairly underplayed by the one-dimensional 'happy' sound approach.

The samples aren't my favourite thing about this, and that ending is completely and utterly wrong, but I'm pegging this one up as one of the best explorations of the Chocobo theme done so far, and distinctly upbeat one at that. Unexpectedly stimulating in more ways than one.

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