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Korg DS-10

The Damned

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Beatdrop beat you to it:http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?p=390261

I think this is a neat idea...Could be a nice way of introducing people to the world of music making.

And I beat Beatdrop to it :lol:

But all that pointlessness aside, this is going to be amazing. Apparently most game news outlets are saying this is Japan only, but Bigfoot posted a quote from the actual creator saying that it would be for sure brought worldwide later. So huzzah!

Haha I was thinking it would be amazing to make a band out of Jam Sessions, Electroplankton and this. Now there needs to be a drum improv game and you could actually get a whole group together!

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IGN just listed this game in a list of most wanted DS games that are only coming out in Japan. I commented and mentioned the development blog where it says it will be worldwide, but maybe that blog is outdated and IGN knows something we don't. Or maybe not.

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