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VGL Louisville Meetup - pics pg 22+

big giant circles

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I'm up for anything VG related. Maybe I should list out what I do know (know decently well = I know a few riffs from it, or at least I did at one point and can probably recall if put on the spot - Know very well = know a few riffs that I know for sure I can whip out without much fiddling around, or know most of the song - know down pat = I got it all):

Know decently well:

Final Fantasy 6 - Awakening

Final Fantasy 7 - Terra's Theme,

Final Fantasy 6 - The Decisive Battle

Final Fantasy 7 - Cid

Know very well:

Silent Hill 2 - True

Silent Hill 2 - Laura Reprise

Final Fantasy 6 - The Unforgiven

Know down pat:

Silent Hill 2 - Promise

Silent Hill 3 - Letter From the Lost Days (vocal track),

Final Fantasy VII - Jenova

Final Fantasy VII - You Can Hear the Cry of the Planet,

Xenogears - Awakening

Xenogears - Deus

That's all I can recall right now, but I know there's a lot more. A lot more.

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Hey Neko, I think I might take you up on that ride, but I need to know a few things first:

1. I get kinda claustrophobic in the back seat of some cars, so what kind of vehicle do you drive?

2. I get carsick easily, so how aggressive of a driver are you?

I can bring my acoustic guitar, but something gives me the feeling that there are going to be a lot of guitars at this meetup. :-)

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We're going to be renting a car, because ours probably isn't in the shape to survive a trip like that yet. So we'll have to see on that.

I am also a very competent driver, so unless you're reading or doing whatever it is you do when you puke, you won't puke.

I'd actually like a list of people bringing their guitars and we can see what happens, ie who needs to bring one to play. I ordered mine this morning, it should be in tomorrow or Thursday (just in time).

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Okay, nix the above info. You need a credit card to rent a car, otherwise they put a $300-$500 hold on your bank account and hahaha fuck that shit, I don't have that money.

We'll be taking our car. When I said it might not make the trip I was exaggerating a tad, because it should make it no problem.

It just has a giant hole in its muffler and no AC.

We'll see about charging the AC before we leave.

Have fun :P

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honestly, not to sound like a wet blanket of sorts, the jam thing loses it's novelty faster than you'd think.

besides. after talking to audix, i'm going to be more interested in some classic goldeneye action. w00t.

i mean, i'm not trying to discourage people from bringing jam session gear, i just mean that it's not that big a deal if you don't.

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We'll see. If we all know a semblence of some tunes, it should last a decent amount of time. As someone who has been in a band environment for a very long time, once you start playing, the time actually really flies by.

But only if you're all on the same page :)

Also, a friend of ours is looking at the muffler to see if he can fix it. If so, we'll be buying a new one today and having him fix it.

edit: dP, go ahead and bring your acoustic for me. Looks like my line of credit sucks and they can't let me do payments D:

Having no credit at all sucks ass.

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Pretty sure my buddy is going to be bringing his guitar. Like bgc said, I think we're going to get some 4 player Goldeneye/classic N64 action going, but nothing is stopping everyone else from jamming out. We'll probably be getting down there around 3:00 CST.

Ifirit, will you be at the hotel around then to meet us and let us in?

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Uh... okay... um...


Bad news. Very, very bad news.

Whilst grocery shopping today, the car died once again. Overheated, kaput. The last thing it could possibly be overheating because of is the water pump; but we don't know if we can afford to have it fixed in time for the event.

We're scrambling for ideas right now; we certainly do NOT want to have wasted $200 on tickets and a hotel room (and we will not NOT pay the hotel cost even if we don't show up, that would not be cool, so you'll get the hotel money no matter what this week).

We've inquired in pretty much every direction about borrowing a car, and no real go there. My GF's grandma is a real bitch; she doesn't need her car and yet she isn't willing to loan it out for less than two days :(

I'm going to ask my boss next I see him (online tonight or irl tomorrow) if his jobless girlfriend wouldn't mind "renting" her car out for, say, $100 or something.

As to that $10,000 my girlfriend magically came into? It won't arrive for another 2 months due to it just being the way the courts work in the issue of an inheritance, I guess. If only we had that sooner.

Renting a car outright is out of the issue; you need a credit card to have a lean of about $300, or, if you pay in cash, a deposit. Cannot afford that. We planned to afford for this trip and have about $100 left afterwards before our next payday, and now with the car down we're pretty much fucked.

Sorry everyone, I'll keep you all updated as to what happens in the next day or so :(

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We've explored most avenues. Her grandmother is a heartless bitch who just said "no, we need both our cars. Bye."

Boss and his ex will be out of town for the weekend, so that was a no go. We still have two other friends we're trying to hit up, one of whom is actually selling his car so we may feign interest in it and say we might buy it if we can test out how it runs for a day or so.

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how about trying for like a $300 or however much bank loan? i wouldn't think it'd be too hard to get one for that small of an amount. and since it'd just be to cover the deposit to rent a car, you'd be able to pay it back quickly...

dunno man, i'm just trying to help come up with suggestions.

maybe you can commit her g-ma to a home and seize control of her assets :<

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Okay, we know a guy who is willing to take us. He works on campus here, but isn't willing to let us borrow his car, but is willing to take us. That means we could still swing by and pick up Sinewave, but we'd be riding with someone else. He'd stay at a motel, and being that he's older he wouldn't be along with us for anything. Just a ride.

This is all if he can work out his schedule though, so I'd say it's about 70% likely.


Edit: We got the ride. Sinewave, we can still snag you should you need the ride.

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Ifirit, will you be at the hotel around then to meet us and let us in?

I'm planning on being in Louisville about 3pm, barring traffic. CHECK-IN IS AT 4PM, I REPEAT, CHECK-IN IS AT 4PM. We'll just be waiting until that time.

Woo! I live less than an hour away from the meetup and I just now saw this. Doesn't it suck to be me? :D

You're invited to come hang-out with us before or after the concert, or to see The Dark Knight. (I purchased 1 too many tickets and so we've got an open seat.) We'll be meeting in the lobby of the 21c Museum Hotel. BGC, would you please update the front page of this thread with the information that I posted before?


I'm renting a car, so if worst comes to worst, I can provide transportation. However, I'll have to change my pick-up time to accomodate, which won't be a problem if I know before tomorrow. I'm cool with picking-up sinewav, too. PM me the details if you decide to pick-up my offer.

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