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Opinion: Has the new generation been jilted?


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I'm always astounded when I find out about some of the interesting concepts that older games had, but that doesn't mean new and interesting things aren't coming out all the time.

Obviously being old doesn't make a game good, but that feeling you get when you find a real gem from the past is something special.

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Wangless: lawl.

JCvwutever: Nostalgia needs time to develop. I feel nostalgia everytime I see or play mario 64, and I'm sure I will feel the same for some of my favorite ps2 and gamecube games. All those lost feelings that come attached with the moments you spent playing your games is what makes them feel nostalgic, and it doesn't really work if those memories are still fresh.

10 years from now more morons will be creating threads like this saying how they don't make games like they used to, like, that golden era of games like shadow of the colossus, portal, bioshock, etc. Oh, and how New super mario bros was the last great mario game.

I certainly hope you're right. Sometimes, I feel like I'm convincing myself that the game I'm playing is fun. I really want that to change.

You whippersnappers don't know what you want!!

In my day we walked six miles in the snow and earthquakes to get to our nearest Funcoland to buy games that costed 50 dollars in 1986 money. All you kids are spoiled with you World Wide Whatzits and you Amazon Rainforest.orgs.


I'm 22 and to date I've yet to play a Kirby game EXCEPT for about 30 minutes with Squeak Squad at Best Buy.

I feel ashamed.

I also wish Super Star would come to the Wii VC soon. :|

I'm 23 and I've only played whatever length of time the Masterpiece on Brawl lasts for a Kirby game.

Though after that, I quickly realized my mistake. I share your sentiments about Super Star now.

Do yourselves a favor. Since Superstar isn't slated for a VC release anytime soon, download Kirby 64 instead on VC. Its not the best Kirby, IMO, but its definitely one of the best! You'll have a lot of fun with it, I practically guarantee it!

Also, sometime this year the DS Superstar remake comes out. Good news, I know! :wink:

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