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OCR01729 - Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories "That's What You Get"

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Wow, almost two years between this mix and his first. The intro is excellently done and creates a great vibe. We hear a very similar synth to his first remix come into play right at the start. But then the drums come in and they start rockin with a DK sounding synth. Very cool. The snare playing is solid, and Doug shows his percussion mastery here as well. His voice brings a nice ethereal tone to the mix and I like it. The piano breakdown was wonderful. I like the classic synth sound for the bass mixing with the acoustic drums; very interesting! The lead synth gets a little piercing when it goes up into the higher register and stays there for a bit, but it comes back down again. God, do I love that violin. Your mamma knows how to wail on that bad boy! All in all, not bad, mate (minus the fadeout ;)).

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Gotta give this stuff some attention ;) This remix is great to say the least. I really how it changes from epic, gigantic-sounding to very light and fragile and vice versa. The drums definitely keep your attention all the time - especially love the intense part @2:20 - very good! And the following piano + synths build-up is a nice touch. Love those classic DrumUltima synths as well, btw. They blend exceptioanlly well with all the live stuff and give this track a unique bittersweet aftertaste. And, of course, the violin adds a ton of emotion here - I simply can't imagine this track without it! Awesome job here :)

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01729 - Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories "That's What You Get"

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