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Thunder Force VI for the PS2? HOLY $@#*!

The Coop

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No, this isn't a repeat of my failed April Fools joke. This is real. Here's a Famitsu scan...


Sega, partnered with Twenty-One Tecnosoft div., is bringing the sixth game in this long running shmup series to the PS2. It's currently slated for an October 30th release.

From what little's been released, it's supposed to be six stages, 3D graphics with 2D gameplay, and containing some familiar looking bosses. It's up for preorder on Play Asia at the moment, and there's obviously no word on whether it's coming to the US or not.

For this, I have three words...

About fucking time :-D

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Hadn't heard of this til I discovered Thunder Force V for the Playstation. Since I loved and trusted Working Designs, I will believe this is a good series. I'll also go back and play the earlier ones.

Thunder Force and it's 'Construction Set' are a bit tough to play. Emulation's the only way to do it really, and it's not easy to set the controls properly since the EMUs are mostly in Japanese (it was released only in Japan). It's all top view stages as well. Thunder Force II is a fun game, that has top veiw and side view stages. There's a Genesis, and a Sharp X68000, version. The X68000 is better overall graphically (a few extra effects not in the Genesis one), and it has a couple stages that Genesis version doesn't. Thunder Force III dropped the top view stages, and went fully side view. It's a great shmup on the Genesis, with catchy tunes and good design. Thunder Force IV just plain rocks on all fronts, and is considered by some to be the best 16bit shmup made.

There's also Thunder Force AC, which was the arcade version of Thunder Force III (one of the few time a home game was ported to the arcade). It has one new level, borrows a level from the second entry, and while not a bad game at all, it's not quite as a good as TFIII.

None of the games are bad, but the series really gained a following with Thunder Force III. As such, I'd start with that one, go to IV, and then give the X68000 version of II a whirl on an EMU.

Neo Samus- Heh, appreciate the thought. And you can bet that if I'm able to scrape together the funds, I will have this.

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I wonder if they can top TF4?

That is still one of my fave games of all time. The Epic music, the epic stages(the epic parallax scrolling!), the SOUND FX!.

Damn I could do with a cold shower because im dangerously close to messing these pants!!!

(sorry for the HAPPY YAY CAPS!! post)

Keep us informed Coop :razz:

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Back with more updates.


That link takes you to a Japanese site, which has a lot of screen shots from stages 1-3, and it also has a movie where you can see the game in action on those same stages. It's looking quite nice thus far, and it seems to be sticking to the series' roots in terms of speed and on-screen bullet count. If the music on the trailer is any indication, the person who did the music for Technosoft's last few games, Tsukumo Hyakutarou, may not be on board this one. It could just be music for the trailer, but there's a chance that's the new musical style for TFVI.

Maybe they didn't want him after his taking part in the horrid Broken Thunder PC game :lol:

The page I linked to has a good quality version of the trailer on it. But, if you have trouble getting it for viewing, here's a YouTube link...

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Just the other day I was like, "I'm going to get Lightning Force out and beat it again." I remembered how much fun it was to play when I was young not to mention the great music the genesis game had... Then, after I beat it and got my nostalgic fix I found out that there was a Thunder Force II, III, IV and V (little did I know lightning force here in the states is really Thunder Force IV). TF VI for PS2 was being developed but production ceased when the dreamcast was put down. I was like "Dang... that would have been a great game."

And now all the news about TF VI...

Happiness ensues.

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is T. Yamanishi not doing the music for this one :(

aww man i hope one of those other names is an alias. guy makes such great songs. I can honestly say the music from 4 espescially the first few stages. Really influenced my taste in music. Infact that game influenced me as a gamer fullstop.

when i think 16bit era its images of that game and its music that flash into my head. blahblahblah ANYWAY....


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