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Wii Music

The Damned

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Wii Music does look a bit disappointing, but I'll reserve judgement until we've seen more of it.

I agree - holding judgement for the time being, mainly because I don't fully understand at this point how it's supposed to work. The way it has been described in articles really has me confused, in that there seems to be no particular rhythmic component or means of specifically generating the desired note. So far it sounds like an electronic version of air guitar, which would make it more of an unarticulated toy than a game.

1337 1 - The SD card slot is basically useless at this point. Still hoping they'll add function to it soon, instead of it just being attic space (which is hardly useful for that even, considering the data transfer rate seems to be about as fast as just re-dling the content you're moving to the card).

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What else do you want [?]

I want Nintendo to give me a game worth my time, effort, and hard-earned cash. Not a tech demo that should have been bundled with the Wii in the first place, like Wii Sports was.

Yeah, that sucks. Nintendo sucks for not doing something about that, because that's a real problem.

Everybody who complains about this needs to shut their trap. You bought the console for $200 cheaper than everything else on the market, and the games are at least $10 cheaper too! You really do get what you pay for.

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