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FAC - VOTE NOW! Fan Art Competition 16 - ZOMBIES


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well if you have a camera you may be able to take a decent picture of it, then fix it up on the computer...that's usually what I do to start.

Well I don't have a camera, even if I could though I don't really relish the idea of prettying up a picture with a touch pad using software I've never used before. I don't really find taking pictures of art rather than scanning it to be optimal either. :P

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Allow me to let you in on a little mantra of mine.

Basically, art is art. You can spend your whole life cataloging it, perfecting it, arguing over it, whatever. But when it comes down to it, if you don't have a better reason to do it other than to "prove something" or "be a cool dude" then you may as well get used to being disappointed.

I probably suck more than a lot of really fantastic artists. I look at my junk on the wall from years gone by and I think, "man, this stuff is so blah." And to most people, it probably is. The point, though, was that I liked making the stuff. It means something to me. There's some kind of piece of my soul in that drawing I did of a scar-faced sumo wrestler in 10th grade, no matter how dumb it looks now.

We all grow, we all change... but for me, it's enough just to say, "what the hell, let's have some fun with this thing."

So, I am going to draw zombies. When I end up somewhere at or below the mid point in votes, it's cool! I had fun, I put myself into it, I grew a little.

lol blog

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