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FAC - VOTE NOW! Fan Art Competition 16 - ZOMBIES


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"what the hell, let's have some fun with this thing."

I envy this perspective. As a perfectionist, I either have LOADS of fun with art. Or a painstaking time that ends with me deleting/throwing out what I've been working on for hours. That's okay though, because time flies like mad monkey shit once I get into it, so it doesn't feel like a waste.

On the down side, I suck again this month. Annnnd I'll submit something, but its gonna be laughable :<

I started a new idea tonight, so now I don't have time to finish either of them lol.


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bleh, i had such high hopes for this project but i have been so busy with other work i could not put the time i wanted to in it. I wasnt going to submit it but to show my support i loaded the sketch to Illustrator and put something together. Not bad for a 45 min job i guess but it looks like a 10 yr old did it.

Oh well, Enjoy!!

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