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  1. I just wanted to say... Thank you SO MUCH Larry for all your hard work of really updating the torrents! I appreciate it so much, especially since it fixes a lot of issues I had in the past.
  2. The features are pretty cool and the convenient PSN compatibility of PSP, PS one and minis. FINALLY trophies are supported, and about time too! Hopefully, it will get massive attention as the PS3.
  3. That's right! What would we do without them? Nice to see that Dead or Alive 3DS would take use of the motion control. It will be interesting what to see in the coming months.
  4. The design is very good. It was about time Nintendo added the analog stick (slide pad), and I am very excited with KI, PW, and SSF4 coming to the 3DS with other big franchises.
  5. I totally forgot about those, they weren't in my head. :-|But for sure the other two titles. Thanks for the reminder.
  6. Well, as far as we know, the 3DS will be coming before April 2011. I like the fact that Kid Icarus: Uprising, PilotWings Resort, and [x]Paper Mario 3DS[/x] are resurrecting their series from the ground. It's been like 10-20 years since we last saw at least one of these series!
  7. I don't see much to the figurines. However, the PokeWalker accessary seems interesting. I might get HeartGold not too long from now...
  8. I liked Phantom Hourglass as well, except for using the touch screen the whole time. I prefer using the d-pad. Oh well. The trailer for Spirit Tracks is very interesting. Looking forward to the release of the game.
  9. Happy belated birthday, DarkeSword!
  10. I have to say that this is one of the best ReMixes that is on the SFHDR. Great job on this mix guys!
  11. VerSus22

    Nintendo Wii

    The only interesting thing about the Wii now is WiiWare games.
  12. I really like this ReMix, very energetic. Great work, glad it got on this site!
  13. Interesting rock themed music. Hopefully this gets a pass from the judges when you decide to submit it.
  14. Yes, I been thinking that should happen and hopefully it does!
  15. When the DS didn't have GBC support, I was disappointed. However, seeing that you can download demos from DS Download Play is a great feature I think to make up non-GBC support. Well with the DSi there is no GBA support, but the ability to use the SD card to listen to music, view photos, as well as DSi Shop makes up for that.
  16. Definately worth the $10. Well I finally defeated Concrete Man!
  17. Nintendo is just doing some things wrong.
  18. Sin and Punishment 2 is a very interesting game. Sin and Punishment hasn't appeared since when the Nintendo 64 was around. Punch-Out in my opinion is a hardcore game. Boxing tends to be entertaining and competitive.
  19. Yes I'll be looking forward to it, and the name of "Nintendo Points" in the DSi shop is a good name (if that name really comes). I can see a WSC update to change Wii Points to Nintendo Points. Once the Nintendo DSi comes out, I'm getting rid of my DS Lite!
  20. I guess GoNintendo was wrong about that! Also: http://www.eurogamer.net/gallery.php?game_id=&article_id=249518#anchor
  21. Agreed. However, I think to download content is a great idea, but yeah GBA slot gone is pretty stupid... and with the 2 touch screens, I don't like that either.
  22. I don't like this announcement by Nintendo AT ALL! This is going nowhere with proper storage!
  23. VerSus22

    Wii Music

    I'll buy Wii Music when it comes out. It will be interesting performing in this video game orchestra!
  24. Bomberman Blast is on WiiWare today in North America! Has anyone played online?
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