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Final Fantasy 13 'Valkyrie'

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8/19/08 - WIP 3! http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/tlje/John-Revoredo---Valkyrie-Wip-3

(Added lots of stuff... changed the drums... still is too short.. but its sounding very nice! ^_^)

8/9/08 -EDIT ! WIP 2: http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/phfr/John-Revoredo---Valkyrie-Wip-2

(Cool drums added, and about 20 new seconds)

(Self-criticism: The piano on 0:13 sounds too low. The section on 0:27 still feels empty. Crescendo violins should be louder. Sometimes the toms are effin loud)

Source tune:


The original one is fucking amazing, I know Im nowhere near to it ^_^

Feedback/Comments are REALLY appreciated.

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I have to say I'm a bit surprised to see you attempting a remix of a piece is far from being officially released. Anyways, what you have sounds pretty solid, but I think the main problem is that it's too similar to the original in terms of style (fast paced suspense piece). Then again, if the other sections deviate enough, it might not be a big issue. Hard to say at this point, but definitely keep at it at.

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this is awesome =D

I really want, that you will finish this song,

I love this Music, and even if FFXIII isn´t released yet, it´s one of my favorite Game-songs^^.

And because the song of the FFXIII Trailer is nowhere to find, without the background sounds, it would be very awesome, if your Version of the song is finfihed, becuase i find, that the part of your song, sound much better then it soudns in the original version =D.

Keep doing this, dude ;3

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The tom-like perucssion could use more punch and/or bass. It's also hard to get a good grip of the track since it's short atm.

Still, it has loads of potential, and the source tune had loads of great stuff to use. Gonna be great.

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I think he's referring to how you're constantly doing revisions on this beginning, and granted, you're doing a great job making it better each time, but maybe you should try adding more in the song rather than about 10 to 15 seconds. I suppose considering the original can actually be segmented, the way you're going about it is fine.

Also, in the beginning with the drums, as cool as it is, I feel like they need a little more depth to them, whether it be bass or whatever else. Honestly, it actually feels a little weak until the 0:13 mark. Whether it's intended or not, I don't know, but that's just my opinion.

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Very nice work so far.

However, I agree that you should try and get at least the general structure of song worked out before you go crazy and fine tune everything. From what I'm hearing, that should be no problem for you.

On a side note:

How did you get the running ethnic drums thing in the beginning together? ie. which drums in what rhythms? I've been listening to a few different songs lately trying to figure it out, like what you have got going, and Rusted Root's "Drum Trip", because quite frankly, ethnic and heavy percussive writing still stumps me.

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Thank you so much for the comments.... I'll try to have the next wip in a couple of weeks... i have to finish some jobs and crap. I made some changes in the melodic line, now its more resembling to the original... I'll post something once i have made significative changes on the track, and its longer

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