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New Dragonforce Album Out


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I have it and here's the rundown.

People who hate Dragonforce are going to claim its more of the same, which in pretty much every way is true. If you don't like Dragonforce, this album is not going to change your mind.

If you do like Dragonforce, its 10 new songs that you will enjoy just as much as the other 3 albums.

I personally feel that they seem to be using the synths for more than just filling out the sound, but other than that and a few rhythmic changes, the songs are pretty much the same flavor of power metal we expect from Dragonforce.

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Hell yeah. I started a Dragonforce thread a couple of weeks ago (actually, it wasn't completely about Dragonforce), and it opened the gates of hell. Expect more of the same. Anyway, I haven't listened to all of it yet. From what I've heard, it's awesome. The solos are less about proving stuff and more about just being awesome.

Lyrics are still stupid and cheesy, yet completely enjoyable and meaningful if you're in a stupid mood. Songs and rhythms are more varied (not just endless 4-4 this time). So yeah, really cool, also mad props to the keyboardist for the old school "8-bit" sounds.

Edit: I forgot a couple of things. The album is way happier than the others. It's about as uplifting as uplifting trance music is, and also it's way more electronic-sounding. I actually think it's way different from Inhuman Rampage. One more thing - The vocals are way more varied and they're not as much a backing instrument as they were.

Can't wait to wear the thing out over the next few weeks.

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Hmm, I like dragonforce and all, but in my opinion, they should try having a little more variation.

I know it has been said before, and dragonforce fans will hate me for saying that, but in my opinion, we know that dragonforce can play fast.

They bet they could write slower songs and get away with it as their sound is so unique.

I'm not saying they shouldn't do any 'extreme power metal' as they class themselves but they should have songs like that in there as a trump card, as the songs they do are great as stand alone tracks but consistently on an album, it bores me after a while.

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I guess they're good at what they do. The question how long are they going to be able to get away with same old, same old. How long can anyone keep that up really?

It kind of reminds me of that Special D guy who made one "hit" a few years back, and from then on, every track he made used the same samples and sounds and whatnot and where the heck is he now?. Or Bass Hunter for that matter. Or should I just say "every artist in the past few years who managed to score a hit with a very lame song".

Fans are fans, and they'll probably keep enjoying this for a while. I for one try to not become a fan of anything, as fandom tends to blind us (much like love did u_u; )

I must say though that these Dragonforce chaps have something nice going and their songs are not all that unpleasant to listen to. I myself wouldn't go as far as buying their albums though (then again I never do).

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