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Diablo III Overture Free on iTunes


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Blizzard posted the Diablo III Overture from the previous trailers and VGL performance at the Worldwide Invitational on iTunes today, and it's free:


What do you guys think of the orchestral style here? Pretty awesome that Russell Brower knows how to use music to promote a game. Now if everyone else would catch on.

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I cried a little inside when I read a while ago that Matt Uelmen had left Blizzard.

Don't feel like downloading iTunes just to hear this, I just hope it pays homage to the unique sound of the previous Diablo soundtracks and isn't another run of the mill bombast orchestra piece.

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free on itunes but they need my credit card to make an account

heh fuck that

Quoted for truth.

Honestly, I'm torn. I use iTunes (I'm one of the guys suckered into it due to iPhone and iPod) and even have an iTunes account ('cause of my iPhone...gah) but I would rather obtain music from Amazon or even Rhapsody over iTunes due to the DRM, somethign that I'm just opposed to.

But...this is _free_ Diablo III music.



Yep. Not downloading it. My principles won out in the end. I'll just get it later.

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