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I do agree with the thread starter.

The way I see it, Nintendo is cashing in on their succes with the new casual and non-gaming market. And why shouldn't they? They saw a problem in the existing market and they did something about it.

In the GameCube days, there were almost no games to pick from, if GameCube had what Wii has today, we'd probably still ask for more "hardcore" games.

When I look at my GC library, I can honestly say I have nothing but awesome games.

What I'd want for the Wii is those games; games like Metroid, F-zero, Starfox etc. Most of us who play Nintendo, play it for Nintendo games right?

But the entire point of Nintendo going in the direction they went in was to get out of the whole "sequel after sequel" thing. They wanted change, not just same old same old, in a new coat.

While I don't care for all the casual games myself either, I don't think they are being made at the expense of the "hardcore" games that we want. The GameCube didn't see a lot of those truely good games on a regular basis either.

I will be honest though, I own very little Wii games, simply because I am not getting what I want anymore. The casual games don't appeal to me all that much, and most games that started off showing a lot of potential failed to deliver in the end.

The "hardcore" games are still coming I guess, but there's a whole new market now and people are cashing in on that. It's either that or hardly any games at all ( a la GameCube) 0_0;

I have a lot of consoles; they're pretty much all dead to me right now, but I'm still looking forward to those few games that will really do it for me. Tales of Symphonia 2 is on the top of my list at the moment.

It's hard for any game developer to live up to our standards these days :)

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I played a bit of ToS 1 and enjoyed it...but this is namco bandai we're talking about. Will it just be a cash cow and not that good a game? It's considerable. Still, ToS 1 WAS pretty awesome.

Moving on

Like you said, I also own few Wii games because...well, let's face it, where's those truly spectacular games? I had few GCN games because there wasn't enough for it either. I'm scared the Wii will turn out the same way.

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Tales of Symphonia was pretty cool. I never actually finished it because my friend who owned it moved. My main complaint was the battle system - I think it was a little bit too flexible and I could never get it right because of that. I ended up using two characters to kill the enemies and the other guys kinda just wandered around because I was giving them the wrong commands. Then I ended up healing my dead party members after almost every battle, and I'm not a big fan of random enemies anymore. Still, it was a good game, and I think I'll give the sequel a try. I love RPGs, and the few that get released on Nintendo consoles are often very good.

I'm still waiting to finish Fire Emblem Path of Radiance (I actually beat the wii sequel first) and then I'm downloading Super Mario RPG stat. (Also looking forward to Shining Force 2).

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Zack & Wiki, No More Heroes, Endless Ocean.

If any of you are lacking any 3 of those games in your Wii collection, go get them now. They should be super-cheap and are some of the best 3rd party titles for the system right now.

its comical because i dled all these but never cared enough to burn them

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I really want to play No More Heroes, but I'm into The Orange Box (hence my avatar :P) and Subsistence right now. I just haven't felt like buying it either.

Lol it's just so sad to go into a Gamestop and look at the Wii section and see the ENDLESS OCEAN of terrible games. Shovelware. It's almost an embarassment to buy a Wii game for crying out loud.

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