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Fallout 3 for the PC


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mark and recall were both available in morowind yes, Oblivion has the fast travel mod instead. Also during the morrowind era, some fan project was about to recreate all tamriel like dagerfall.

Ah, that's right. There were no horses or fast travel in Morrowind, just the boats, silt striders, and Mage's Guild teleporters.

Oh, and it's funny you mention Tamriel Rebuilt, as I just stumbled across it a few minutes ago. Surprisingly, the project is alive and well. Its second finished realm was released just last month. Evidently Morrowind modding is still going strong, even though the game is over 6 years old!

Also, I came across Morrowind Graphics Extender, which seems a better solution than Morroblivion. Maybe it's not quite Oblivion-level graphics, but it's darn close. And unlike Morroblivion, you still have a fully-playable game.

Man, now I'm getting a strong urge to install Morrowind again. ^.^

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hey, Louis Armstrong's La Vie En Rose that was used in WALL·E would fit in with the music

I need to start adding some stuff to the GNR music folder (wherever that is)

Just download 40 More from the 40s and Another 40 More to add a total of 80 new vinyl swing tunes to Galaxy News Radio's playlist. And coincidentally, La Vie En Rose is one of the tunes included in Another 40 More. :-)

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