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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess [Hyrule field, Great Fairy Fountain] (WIP)


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Hello OCR!

It has been a while since I have submitted my last song here

on ocremix. I've been pretty busy with other things n stuff and bla.

I'm finally working on a new vgremix, and yes!.. It's

a remix of Twilight Princess (Hyrule field, Great Fairy Fountain)

It's a WIP so please don't expect something perfect yet in this version ;]

(It has a few fade outs because i still have to bridge those parts)

Link(s) to the file [mp3~112kbps]:

Mirror 1 [Megaupload]

Mirror 2 [Tindeck]

Mirror 3 [boommp3]

Please let me know if you got any ideas or comments,

it's always appreciated =]


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I'm not really too fond of either theme myself, but you've arranged them in a very likable way. I'm a fan of such upbeat tracks. A complaint might be medlyosis though... It just stops for a second, then switches to another tune. It works well for this, but I think that they generally look for a better transition. Then again, I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to this. I just know what I like and what I don't. And I'm liking this :)

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Ah sweet love your recent Chaoz tracks from Newgrounds.

The strings for the sadness theme in the intro are def awesome, but there needs to be another layer in the sound building in that section. There def needs to be a transition in the beginning from the strings to the initial breakout. The rest of the song is too good not to really hook in the listener's attention.

2nd the comments about switching the songs. It is a good place to transitions but it just needs better execution in a way. Maybe introduce some of the other source material earlier on so it does not feel like such a big surprise when it is introduced.

All n all, with some proper transitions this is killer. Great stuff dude!

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Ditto on the Chaoz tracks in newgrounds (especially the Infiltration one). They're just awesome.

As for this WIP. Just the fade outs and fading between tracks needs working on as it doesn't seem to fit right at the moment. I don't think it has too much energy since high energy tracks/remixes seem to be your style and I love 'em.

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I liked your remix, though its been so much time since i last played Zelda TP, that i don't recognize the first song.

Considering you still have to finish the bridges and fades, it coming along pretty nice. I find it quite disturbing tha you start with a really weak kick, and aroung 0:21 it becomes massive.

The kick is perhaps too powerful, a bit distracting.

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Okay, I should remember this source. We'll see.

Weird key stuff going on, some of it good, some just weird. Not digging the first HF melody synth. Diggin' the second.

A lot of stuff I don't remember/recognize. Might need more source, unless it's just a memory problem.

Production sounds okay, tho the compression is pretty obvious. A multiband compressor might clean that up.

What the something was the 2:30 transition?

Fairy Fountain is verbatim. it works nice, but it would be cool to hear some change in it. if not the backing key then the melody.

I think source/interpretation is the biggest problem here. Production is pretty high, but unless the genre makes the audible compression okay it's not going past the Js in that state. There's some crits. Good luck.

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