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Mega Man 8: 8-bit revival


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It hasn't been released yet, but the same team that made 8-bit Mega Man 7 is making a Mega Man 8 in 8-bit. The Japanese site is up there. They also redid the entire anime intro.

The music is the japanese version though. That's why it sounds weird. They also have the entire awesome soundtrack here (8-bit Bass' theme is really great) For some reason they have the Japanese intro song and the American intro song there as well as 8-bit remixes of the American and Japanese versions of Tengu Man's stage. Maybe you can change them? We'll see. The sprites I've seen look really great though. This'll definetley be great fun like the 8-bit Mega Man 7 was. I'm not looking foward to 8-bit jet sleds though. Ugh.

EDIT: Forgot to mention there's 8-bit remixes of the Cut Man and Wood Man themes from the Saturn version. Maybe those fights will be in the game

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That 8-bit intro is pretty crazy, always liked the MM8 intro movie. The fact that it's the JP song does kill it a little bit for me, but graphically, pretty awesome (The fact that they bothered to make an 8-bit version of the Amercian intro song does restore a lot of my faith though).. In a way I think an 8-bit MM8 is pushing it, but at the same time, the PSX Mega Man games were never really that good imo, so this I expect will be just as cool as the MM7 conversion was, and most likely a lot more work to make.

I think playing through an 8-bit MM8 will feel a lot different versus the original psx version compared to playing through the 8-bit MM7 versus the original snes version, I guess time will tell.

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I dunno... playing with the keyboard really f'n sucks and no controller support sucks even worse

You get used to it after awhile. Believe me.

The fact that it's the JP song does kill it a little bit for me

Like I said' date=' they got the whole soundtrack at this link right here and they have the american opening song there as well as the japanese one. Which one will they use?? Beats me.

Another thing I would like to mention is the idea of a Rockman and Forte (Mega Man & Bass) 8-bit remake. Think it could happen? I hope so.

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most of the songs seem to have made the transition fantastically

BASS' THEME. In fact, all the fight themes are sex. Duo's is pretty cool too.

On a not so positive note, they look like they still have a ways to go before they're done. Here's some kewl stuff they got on the site.





Also: Just picture this fight in 8-bit. Beautiful, I say.


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Well gee guys, do ya think Rush is gonna be in this game? You never know, he might not of made the transition...

They have sprites of him on their sprite page, so it's all good.

I WAS going to post them... but they replaced the entire site with this video.

Edit: Translated the page. This is what it says (in engrish)

Presently, http://www31.atwiki.jp/ is in large-scale maintenance. As for restoration completion schedule time, 2008 November 16th AM7: We have become with 00. Very much, it does to apply annoyance, but that understanding cooperation is granted, we ask may.

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I realized that after I translated it. I was kinda worried at first though.

But these are Japanese people. Nothing stops them. Do you see American people making a 8-bit remake of the incredible Mega Man V for Game Boy? (just an idea >_>) I don't think so.

I'm gonna get mom to teach me some programming so maybe I could do it one of these days.

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