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[Submitted] Kingdom Hearts - Dearly Beloved Trance Remix


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After a loooong time I decided to do another remix. So I started screwing around with FL again and i think this new WIP pretty much sums it up.

I love the Kingdom Hearts series and I thought i'd pay homage to it.

And yes, again, Dearly Beloved. I still need a good name for my remix though.

I've had support from OCReMixer Siamey in this production and would like to thank him for his continuous support.

Enough babble, here's the link: Kingdom Hearts - Dearly Beloved (clubmix)

Enjoy and please leave some feedback after listening. Thanks.

edit: Check this out, Razerblade55 made a Youtube clip with my WIP. I enjoyed it very much and am glad to see people like it enough to post it on Youtube!

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You're right. I made this on my laptop with those small earplug headphones. Once I got home I listened to it on my stereo and it sounded kind of bad actually. I'll do some drastic equalizing on it to get those sounds right.

I'm thinking of rewriting the whole track, but what's posted is basically the style I'm aiming at.

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No source link, no source comment.

Yup, the drums are a little too powerful, and if the 1:55 melody is all there is from source, this would hardly even make it to the panel for its NO. The overall style sounds promising, tho. It might also suffer from the clichéd sounds/presets issue, need more personalization. Can't say for sure, tho.

I suggest you do rewrite it and make sure to get enough source in that version. I've got no problem imagining a filtered version of the melody played in the buildup. Good luck.

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(before I start, you've got a lot of good ideas, but there is still room for improvement. I recommend, if you haven't done so already, listening to other popular trance remixes by bLiNd in order to get an idea of what will pass the judges.)

Right from the beginning this remix holds my attention.

:20 needs to vary more, though

:30 should have been introduced sooner

same with :55

1:25 is a nice change

watch out, though. The transition to 1:55 doesn't work so well.

and, of course, the ending needs a lot of work.

Yes, this is trance, but work on making it sound less like stacked loops. You have a lot of good ideas, but you leave them on the stage too long so they lose their appeal. Just keep things moving and varying and this track will sound a lot better.

Nice work.


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Great work.

Thoughts while listening...

I started LOVING it at 1:30 - really became more than just any other trance mix.

This would probably be a pain to change, but the beat in the melodic synth that starts around 2:30 is rather hard to recognize, making sections where its showcased hard to rock out to. Might want to simplify its rythym a little.

Sound quality of the flute thingy at around 3:00 seems a tiny bit cheesy(?) IMO but I do like the use of the kind of tambre here. It wasn't a problem later on in the song when it reentered, only when it was showcased.

The... wachamacallit at 3:50 seems a LITTLE much. Like... ow. Maybe I'm just a wuss.

Again, in the song's climax at 4:10, with the synth it feels like the original melody has been altered to the point where it's not as catchy as the original was. If it were me, I'd revert to the original rythym or maybe put in something that preserved it.

When the piano reenters near the end it should be a little bit louder, I think. It's a beautiful sample and deserves to be more audible, maybe even when it first enters a little, too.

But those are just the things that were WRONG in my opinion. On the whole, I really, REALLY liked it. It was very multi-dimensional, which is an aspect of a song I'm always looking for. If those changes were made, I'd probably put it on my MP3 player (and I only have 2 gigs) :]

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Thanks for your review.

About those points you mentioned.

The panflute could use a touch-up. It's simply put there as a small test of how it would work out, and it actually rather nicely fits in.

The piano work could get a small volume boost indeed. (i'm still working with these lame earphone plugs)

Siamey had some quircks with the older version i posted before as it had almost no FX in it. Hope this is better. ;)

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Over 3 minutes of intro? Trance, you say? mkay.

Could use some more melodic interpretation, if not else you can put it in the first minute and after the 4 minute mark. The melody is the same throughout, you really need some variations of it, probably best to use those during buildups and breakdowns.

Ending seems to be a note too short.

Besides that, I dunno what to comment on that hasn't been said. I agree about the flute needing some tweaking to fit in. It could also be louder around 4:40.

I think this is pretty promising, but the interpretation issue might be a problem. Might be a good idea to check with a J. I like what you've done. Good work.

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There's something about the part from 0:56-1:27. The intro is fine and 1:27 is great, but that part feels unnecessary. I think having the beat drop out at 0:56 only weakens the effect of 1:27, which is otherwise really beautiful. Everything just sounds really exposed, and the less that piano is exposed, the better.

There is a lot of building in this piece, and when the peak finally comes it is not as satisfying as it could be. On my first listen I nearly missed it and only caught on about halfway in. It might just be me, but because of this it all feels unnecessarily drawn out. Then again, after listening to it a couple of times and becoming more familiar with it, it seems like less of an issue. So maybe this paragraph was a waste of time.

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I did a similar remix for this weeks PRC-compo (http://compo.thasauce.net/rounds/view/PRC138), and thought it was really nice, but yours is better :(

It has a major flaw though, the kick, bass and some fx drows it totally sometimes, causing some bad noices. Simply lowering the volume should make it.

Otherwise really great, haven't heard the source though.

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