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Super Mario World UNCENSORED!!


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Question for sam: was this done within the limitations of the SPC700 chip? I mean, could this theoretically be done on an actual SNES?

hell to the no haha. The last minute even has some totally non-snes string samples if you listen closely and after a few minutes in we start ignoring polyphony rules as well.

Did you extract the .wavs or just use the soundfonts straight away? Cause there are a lot of ugly loop points in there...

The loop points in the soundfonts are all correct however most soundfont players will adjust by one sample, you can manually fix them or just open them in Kontakt, which is what I did, in which case the loop points will be accurate and you won't have to adjust.

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Cool. Where's the Secret of Evermore soundfont though? I still have that Jeremy Soule style tune of yours.

Everything prior to this was not made with soundfonts... the FFVI/Super Mario Kart/Secret of Evermore songs I made using my own instruments built from samples recorded live out of the original soundtracks... I didn't know about openSPC back then. This SMW Remix is the only thing I've ever done with these soundfonts.

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I used an app called snessor so far that extracts the raw samples from the ROM. I finished doing the Secret of Mana instruments a while ago and started on doing SoE, but it's a bit of a hassle since you have to browse through a shitload of .wavs, many of them garbled noise that represents other data being mistaken for audio.

Still, I find it really insightful to play around with those samples, seeing how important good sample choice was for a great soundtrack. Like single samples that sound cool across the whole register.

It might be fun to base a little project around that. Like, selecting a choice of 10-20 short samples, recorded by oneself if possible, and learning how to use them inside out over the course of several tracks.

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