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  1. Quick thoughts: Intoxica is soooooo good. Radiowar - as much as I loved your past music, I never knew you had a track like this in you. It's amazing. So is Treehouse Campfire. Love this one so much. Taken together, discs 3 and 4 (the GBA tracks) are like a huge party where all the best musicians show up and do their thing. It's like a huge triumphant victory lap. Everyone is in their top form on these tracks and there's hardly a misstep. The SNES tracks didn't carry the same momentum and sustained excellence as the GBA collection. Theophany, you're brilliant. Your musical fingerprints and
  2. Great air of nostalgia to this, thanks for making it! I love Mother 3's soundtrack.
  3. Yeah, this is pretty ridiculous guys. I approve. LuIzA's guitars seal the deal for me.
  4. I'm a huge fanboy over this song, nearly splooged myself when I first heard it. Just an amazing feel to it, I think it's the most refined and sophisticated mix I've heard from Sixto.
  5. I too would like this confirmed, will probably drop by if it's still going down
  6. This is so so good. DiGi, I love how effortless and natural your flow sounds. Tryezz, what an impeccable production. Looking forward to more from you guys in the future.
  7. Dudes and dudettes, this is awesome work. It's whimsical, it's fun, it's like a comforting warm dream I don't want to wake up from. Sixto's track in particular slays me.
  8. That's totally rad. Great song selection
  9. I think everyone is really looking forward to your track mv, it's been WAY too long.
  10. Geneson

    Team Gato 2.0

    OH MY GAWDD this just made my day and I haven't even finished listening to it
  11. Kirby: Dudes, I love this matchup. Both songs sound drugged out as hell, like if Shnabubula decided one day to Play Kirby While Taking Mushrooms. And to read that Ben Briggs wrote the ending to the Kirby song while hella drunk? good shit. Wonder if that title is a play off of AnSo's Life and Death of the Mario Bros, which was originally intended for this album. But anyway, this is some next level chiptune madness with all kinds of crazy stutter effects. Bomb diggity. Mazedude's track is a bit of a miss for me once that trumpet comes in. Certainly I applaud you for your artistic bravery, but th
  12. Zelda: THE most hyped match of the whole thing in my mind. Rap battle was a genius idea and I had really high hopes for this one. The end result is fun and an awesome effort but perhaps made me realize my expectations were a bit too lofty. I think both these guys have done better rap songs in every facet, Niggaz 4 Life and Spittin Narcissism both exhibit better production, lyricism, and flow in my humble opinion... zyko's 'Bladewalker' is an interesting companion piece to 'Rime of the Wanderin Seafarer' as Zelda storytelling songs, but I don't think the execution is as strong. The rap delivery
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