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FAC - RESULTS ARE IN! Fan Art Competition 21: Femme Fatales

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Hehe, yeah, I didn't want to make the red too overpowering... actually I tried to make ALL the colours pretty muted.

Hehe, that's what I guessed, but having not played TF2 I wasn't sure. If I would have voted in time you would've been #2 ^_^

(and Aya Brea was my #1 pick)

*Rewards you with Brownie of Bribery* :3

I stared at yours and at the Sakura one for a long time, but ultimately I voted for the Mana thing and Pyro (and myself, fufu.) I really like the motion in yours and the perspective, and mostly just wanted to see it more finished. (HI POT. MY NAME'S KETTLE.)

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I was going to post "y hello thar", but then I looked up the true meaning of the phrase o_O

...and that's the last time I ever consider using a meme I'm not entirely familiar with...

On that note, nice work Rambo! I can say with confidence that your entry contains the nicest work. :nicework:

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