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FAC - RESULTS ARE IN! Fan Art Competition 21: Femme Fatales

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Ack! The version I submitted looks so bad, I totally should have started a half-hour earlier... I... I coulda been a contender!

At least I won't be dissapointed this time when I don't get any votes :tomatoface: Well, since it's going to take me all week to decide who to vote for, I might as well get started...

I'm afraid of this turning out to be more of a hot vg babes theme than a femme fatale theme.
femme fa⋅tale

1. A woman of great seductive charm who leads men into compromising or dangerous situations.

2. An alluring, mysterious woman.

Err.... so the seductive women from video games are not supposed to be hot? ;) Regardless, it looks like most people went with "Let's draw chicks who are badass in some way." ... it's just that videogame characters (both girls and guys) tend to be more attractive than the average person. And fortunately for this contest, they are almost always more badass than the average person.

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1st. Number ?

2nd. Number ?

3rd. Number ?

yeah, they are all very good. Mrs. Pacman must have drained the social life of that artist :P

I might have to get in on these fan art competitions one time. let's hope there is a 22!

*EDIT* oops. my bad. I looked in the first post about voting and I must have missed that part (about pm'ing)

*DOUBLE EDIT* yeah... I'm a complete retard. awesome.

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