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Lufia 2: At Arek's Command (balls out, UBER FREAKING METAL)


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No, this is not the other Lufia 2 tune I'm working on; this is an entirely independent and new song. This actually came about due to thasauce's compo on thursday night; I wrote and recorded this in one hour as per compo rules, and liked it so much that I decided to make it a full tune.

If I had to classify it, I'd call it melodic death metal. Right now it's pretty rough from a production standpoint; so as far as critiques go I know what's wrong with it. After all, this is about an hour's work total :)

Hissing/clicking/clipping are present, and will be resolved when it comes time for the final project.

All in all this is haping up to be one of my favorite tunes ever. Comments? Questions? Adoration? :)

Anyway, on with the show


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No familiarity with the source whatsoever, but I absolutely love the style, especially the juxtaposing of the sedate delayed guitar stuff with the 7-string crunch. Makes me think of bands like Nahemah. Very cool stuff.

Pretty much all of my criticisms are production-based, and you say you've got that under wraps, but I have to say it anyway - the drums definitely need a bit more depth to the sound. As it is, they're pretty clicky. (I'm sure that's something that will be receiving attention)

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Also not familiar with the source, I haven't played Lufia in a long time, but this is indeed quite good. Needs a little cleaning up, but it's still WIP so thats a given.

This feels almost post-rock ish, the opening especially... but that might just be because Ive been listening to too much of that recently, ^_^'.

Looking forward to hearing the finished version.

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Done in a + - an hour?! 8-O

Well, like you said, you're going to work on it some more and know what's wrong with it :nicework: I look forward to a longer closer to complete work. If you're basing it on something (and I don't think you are, despite all the good guesses in this thread so far) Get us a source so that we may taunt you properly, and/or work pieces to fit somefing.

Good stuff!

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