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OCR01804 - Super Metroid "The Galaxy Awaits"


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This is a Very nice orchestral piece. Ambience is set from the get go.

Nutritious piece transports you to an epic journey full of space jumping & metroid busting...

But don't forget to freeze 'em with the ice beam before you shoot missiles! ;-)

Transition at 1:02 is smooth, with the overwhelming sense of menace.

At 1:50 the classic melody rolls in and the heroic feeling takes over.

The rest is simply beautiful to hear.

Overall, great direction & ace composition skills.

I know little about technique, so I'll abstain from commenting on that.

But in terms of production, Galaxy Awaits sounds way better than any recent official Metroid soundtrack.

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It's really tough to sound original when doing an orchestral take on Metroid, it seems. No matter what I hear, it seems that as soon as orchestral elements get infused into the awesome scores of these games, it all comes out sounding very much the same.

I think a lot of this comes down to the emotions of the people who write these arrangements. They have in their heads the grandiose adventures of a butt-kicking superchick who can totally destroy you in more ways than are comfortable, and that's before she puts on her gear. Add in the fact that people who write orchestral arrangements tend to gravitate towards the more well-known tracks, and it's a recipe for samey-ness.

As far as individual efforts go, this is a good one. Fantastic merger of themes, all of it is well done with an ear for detail and is subtle and nuanced with just enough love to make it enjoyable, and not be overbearing.

The problem is, it doesn't really push any boundaries, or take any chances. There's nothing here that I haven't heard. Granted, this isn't a case where I have heard a lot that was also better, but it's still not the most original concept.

Still, I give it a passing grade, if I handed out grades that is. As a tribute, it works, as a ReMix when compared to the source, it works. Everything else is subjective, I guess.

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Quite an excellent movement of Metroidness. Metroid music is the sort of music that doesn't really belong in the bombastic, full-ranged orchestra style, so mixers really need to go the extra mile in arrangement to pull it off. I feel that's been achieved here.

More than just a quaint medley, this mix articulates some pretty iconic themes from the series in a way unique to the genre, and the talent and original content from the composer smooths it into a cohesive whole. It sounds professional and indicative of classical composition.

While it breaks no new ground, its still succeeds at representing Metroid from a different perspective. Good job.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01804 - Super Metroid "The Galaxy Awaits"

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