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    Postgraduate history student researching medieval Sicily.

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  1. The track that starts at around 1:00 sounds pretty much the same as from the Gradius minigame in Legend of the Mystical Ninja (which you can hear here: )Not tremendously impressive.
  2. The title screen theme is one of my strongest memories of the original Tomb Raider. Nice choice. Having said that, this remix doesn't seem to bring much to the table until about halfway through.
  3. Not a bad remix, but doesn't really add anything of note to the original. So is Ryu, in the second half.
  4. Generally pretty good. Download-worthy. There's a jarring discord at about 0:42, but it's over quickly.
  5. Consider Uematsu liked. The man deserves all the respect we can give him, and to win either prize in this contest would be unutterably awesome. Final Fantasy (and Lost Odyssey, for that matter) wouldn't be the same without him.
  6. Good remix, I really enjoyed it from the outset. One of my favourite features of it, I must say, is that it sounds so little like the source. 'Zue' is such a brilliant and distinctive track that remix it in too straight/faithful a fashion would probably have annoyed me. This one, however, works.
  7. Even having listened to the source material, I don't know where the 1:32+ section comes from. All I know is it reminds me of 'Nerevar Rising' from Morrowind. Anyway, good remix.
  8. Nice hints of the old film 'Zulu' at 1:08, ha. The whole thing trails off into blandness after about 2:14 I think, but until then it's a strong piece.
  9. One of my favourite OC Remix and probably my favourite Castlevania remix (the only one that challenges it is 'Clockwork Vampire'). I've had it on repeat most of the day.
  10. The preview has been removed... Not a big problem since I can just download it, but I do like to check the preview first.
  11. Fantastic album! Aviator Soul, in particular, really blew me away. I've had the whole thing on repeat all day. Astonishing work.
  12. I really like this one. Maybe it's because I have strong memories of the source, and the feeling it evoked. I think this remix maintains that same feeling (indeed, probably enhances it) yet at the same time adds something new.
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