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  1. This mix is absolutely beautiful. The progression is absolutely perfect, and the epic rise with the vocals is a joy to listen to. The only real complaint is that with just over 3 minutes of music, this is abhorrently short! Oh well, the best moments in life come and go, I suppose.
  2. "Ooh-wah ooh-wah ooh ooh Vinny!" I don't quite get the criticism that the Sax is over-mixed. Sure, it could be a bit more subtle, but then I'd be hearing the kinda average accompanying track more than the killer Sax. I don't even LIKE Saxophones and I really dig this! This is super groovy. Wish I hadn't missed it when I promptly ignored the third freakin' Donkey Kong album. Recommended.
  3. For all the bluster of tackling this track in a fresh, new way, I can't really say I am on-board. The somewhat wild up-and-down nature of this just throws me off. I think it's the unsubtle nature of the track that gives me such pause, the way it just decides it's going to do a start-stop thing. If you compare this track to, say, the remix of the Zeromus Theme from the FF4 album (Phantom of Zeromus I think it's called), there's a similar thought of distinguishing the remix from the original by expanding/altering the energy throughout. That mix works because each musical section flows naturally into the next, and there's a real feeling of a build up. Here, the track starts off pretty groovy, then it gets kinda slow and boring, then it picks up, then it goes back down, some stuff happens, and then... it's over? Okay then.
  4. Oh man, a virt remix!? SIGN ME THE HELL UP!!!! I'm so happy this mix is on OCR! Instrumentation is great, the arrangement is fun, and the entire track is possessed of energy. Listen to this, download it, love it, and name it Fred if you must.
  5. The vocal samples used were good at filling up the soundscape, but other than that I found them a bit more distracting than anything else. That said, the overall feel of the piece is quite great, the instrumentation used was also quite good. But there is a place reserved in hell for that 20 second fade outro. DOOOOOOOOM!!!!
  6. This really brings me back to ye olden days of OCR. The intro really reminds me of the EarthBound remix album (yes, yes, I know the EarthBound album wasn't even officially OCR) One thing that really helps this mix stand the test of time is the live guitar. The sound is rich, it's played quite well, and the little riffs that the artist does are great. I'm very happy to see this mix posted on the site; it's well worth a listen & download.
  7. Very cool vocal intro! I loved the fade on it, and then how the instruments were brought in one-ish at a time. And then the beat gets going.... Nice!! This has a great energy to it, and does a good job capturing the Half Life feel. The passage that starts at 2:39 is a particular standout for me. This is actually going in a couple of my playlists, it's that catchy! People, give this a listen! It's worth your time, I promise.
  8. I'm going to split my review in two, as that's what the artist did with the song. Track 1: Hey, that's pretty fun! I actually really enjoyed that outro quite a bit, right after the 2' mark. I wish there'd been more of this, but alas; earwax. Track 2: Complete tone shift, but I get it. VGM remix, you were going for a game-feel type deal, I can dig it. I don't know if I can dig the fact that this section is just over a minute long, and then there's a 20 second fade out into... a victory theme? This really strikes me as a demo tape, or a track for a trailer. Oh well, still good to listen to
  9. Already looked at the changelog, there's no mention of this there. Are you referencing the VGMix schism? Edit: Forgot to say thanks!
  10. This is a pretty fun mix, overall. Sounds used are pleasant, the drum sequencing has interesting moments, and the overall presentation is good. There are enough changes to keep you interested throughout, and when I had finished listening to the song for this review, I happily put it back on. Can't ask for much more than that, IMO.
  11. Question! I'm seeing a load of JD Harding mixes from the early 2000's, but the first post was from Larry in 2014. Were comments from before this cut off by a forum shift, or were they resurrected from a previous mix culling?
  12. This actually surprised me a little. This is by far the most interpretive of JD's tracks (that I've heard so far.) At 1:50 it actually goes into original territory, which is fun! DJP nailed it in his writeup though, this would fit in really nicely on an F-Zero CD game from the era. Works nicely as a bit of background music, recommended.
  13. ^ Ohai! Merry X-Mas to you. 0:15 into the song I had the "Oh fuck" moment when I realized this was all that it was going to be. Compare this mix to others in the era, and a few things come shining through. - Stiff and boring drum programming. - The snare in particular is awful. I can't hear anything over it, and I wish I could. - The source melody was incorporated, not expanded. To be honest, this mix probably wouldn't hit the bar today. 14 years ago, standards just weren't the same. But really, neither was ReMixing. Samples have improved, processes have improved, software has improved. And we've all grown up a lot musically. There've been literally thousands of mixes since this one was posted, and I'd wager there'd be fewer good ones if artists hadn't challenged themselves to do better.
  14. Why, hello there ReMix from 2001. You haven't aged the most gracefully, have you? Okay, let's take it in context of the time and form then. The song is fairly repetitive, and there are only a few different FX used to keep things interesting. It also has a bit of a thin sound to it, but makes up for this with catchy Melody incorporated well into the overall piece. Luckily, it still holds up as a good example of the form, and honestly if you remade this song today but used better chiptunes and samples, it'd be great. And really, 14 years old and still sounding good? Achievement!
  15. The writing is fairly slow for the first 5 or so episodes, but it picks up pretty well. And during season 2 (Episode 11+, the Namek Saga) it is just brilliant. I do have to say my favourite string of episodes was Namekima-I mean the Ginyus.
  16. What a fantastic mix from a fantastic source of one of the best games ever. It did take a while to start cooking, but just like a good roast, it's well worth the wait, and you know as it cooks from those delectable smells that you are in for a fantastic meal. .... god I'm hungry.
  17. I can't really express in words how awesome this mix is. It makes me actually want to get off the wall and get on the dance floor. And it is seriously the only track on the album that I can really consider a standout, and the album has so many established and amazing remixers. Wow. Well done, good sir!
  18. Finding the relevant thread FAIL. Sorry about that. Thanks though!
  19. So recent circumstances have dictated that I have to re-download everything that OCR has put out again, and I would really prefer to torrent everything. I looked at the torrent tracker and only saw that ocr1-1900 are available via torrent, does that mean I have to manually download the other 500+ tracks that are offered? This would slam the mirrors pretty hard, and be quite annoying. Before I get flamed, I really did try to find some sort of update or note on this, but couldn't get any more info, so I appeal to the community. Please help me save OCR's bandwidth!
  20. I would say that while the others are more prominent, Schala's theme is much more haunting and emotive. The fact that it does not take the center stage only ever adds to the appeal, making those times that you do hear it burn into your memories that much more. As for the mix. If this were the last Schala mix ever, I would be satisfied. This is fantastic work, and I will have it on many a playlist for years to come.
  21. Of the four new mixes, this is by and far my absolute favourite. Nothing much to put here beyond some fan love!
  22. Instantly fell in love with this. I honestly can't think of a single criticism, shortfall, or dislike I have in this track. It's evocative, well designed, and never once gets boring or repetitive. Bar for electronica tracks +1
  23. Wow do I ever hate the ending. Everything was clicking really well, and then it goes for a stuttering ending that feels... pedestrian? You had such a good groove going on, and then BAM! Crap ending. Other than that, loved the track.
  24. Thanks AnSo. You have re-ignited my interest in hearing Minimalistic arrangements again. After getting used to everything being over-the-top, bombastic, and all kinds of phat, it's refreshing and reinvigorating to hear something that goes for, and achieves, the subdued approach.
  25. No... nobody should be playing Ace Combat. Especially the air force. I would like to chime in and say that the viewpoint thrown up by Thin Crust is ignorant and entirely misguided. Yes, the law DOES state that these things are illegal and you can be held liable, so it is an uphill struggle. But illegal does not automatically mean wrong. People need to fight bad laws at every step of the way, by fighting them in the courts and by challenging the reason behind them. Jailbreaking PS3's may be illegal according to Sony or whoever, but that doesn't mean that it can't and shouldn't be challenged. Can anyone actually have such faith in lawmakers to place good above all else, that they will follow all laws blindly? I mean, the people that make laws often have good intentions, but don't think about unintended consequences or side effects of the laws they place. And those that make laws for the interests of corporations over masses need to be challenged at every turn by the masses. Balance has to be struck in laws, and if it isn't then the law should be fought tooth and nail. Case in point, this situation. Yes, it's illegal, but it's so entirely wrong to say that if you buy something, you are not allowed to modify it in order to make it do what you want. You can't say "this counts for hardware but software is another matter" and then argue that the economics of, say, piracy are the same as theft from a store. I'm not for piracy, I believe that people should be paid for the things they create, and thus I don't believe software should be treated any differently than hardware. If I am allowed to take my car apart, find out how it works, and then alter it to get more power, better mileage, or to attach a mini-fridge to the drive assembly powered by fairy dust, then I should be allowed to open up my software and figure out how it works, and then alter it to make it do something different. I still paid the guy for the original work, and by changing it I am entering a silent bargain saying that if it breaks, it's my own damn fault. If my fairy fridge causes my car to explode, then that's all on me, and the manufacturer has no right to say that I can't do it.
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