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Classic Ancient PC Dos VGs

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I have no clue what it was called, I think it was just the dudes name, but it had a normal looking guy with a magic wand who could make blocks disappear with it. He went around in castles and stuff and it had crazy puzzles. Someone help me out here...

Also there was an old DOS shareware game called something like Thor that I really liked, had a good sense of humor for its time.

I'll definitely second Scorched Earth, Secret agent man and Crystal Caves (all of them). Jazz jackrabbit was decent... Keep in mind all of this is coming from ancient memories.

Edit: First game is Clyde's adventure; I found it by googling "dos game freeware castle magic wand" believe it or not.


Edit Edit: Thor game is called God of Thunder : http://www.abandonia.com/en/games/217

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I highly recommend the two Star Trek adventure games that was released for DOS. Based on the Original Series, they got the tone and setting just right. In essence, 25th Anniversary and Judgement Rites are remarkably true to the source material and is quite fun to play. Most games based on other mediums tend to fail on both counts, so it is very pleasant to find games that break the trend.

Furthermore, I think the Magic Carpet games are worth a shot. Designed by Peter Monyleux, they are actually quite impressive for implementing three things rather well: 3D graphics, the ability to alter terrain at will, and a viable real-time strategy game. Hopefully, someone will someday create Magic Carpet 3. In a DOS game, that is just plain impressive.

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Yeah it's an educational game. what up.

Super Solvers had quite a few really good games, if I recall. Cheesy, but really fun.

I'll definitely second Scorched Earth[...]

I can't believe I nearly forgot about that game. I loved decimating people in that game.

{edit} - Also, another can't-believe-I-almost-forgot game: Longbow by Sierra. It was a Robin Hood game that was really cool.

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