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Assassin's Creed 2


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It was definitely good, for the most part, but there were so few voice actors. I wish they had had more than four actors for each nationality. I'm talking about within the crowd, not the actual characters...

Yeah I got pretty tired of hearing that one guy giving the same speech about infidels on every single street corner in every city. :(

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i do understand why everyone thinks its shallow and repetetive but I personally love assassin's creed. i played it for like a combined 10 hours one day and never got bored.

i think assassin's creed 2 will be the shit. it's an instant buy for me.

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bought it. played it. beat it today.

there is a SHITLOAD of content in this game, particularly if you are like me and do everything every chance you get. i'm still sixty feathers short of a bunch and need to find two statues, but between the treasure chests, assassination contracts, races, waypoints, and missions, it's pretty awesome.

i really enjoyed myself. the ending's pretty crazy =)

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hah, best ending line ever. they did the credits right, too, considering they were almost ten minutes long. i didn't even realize it.

game informer gave it a 9.5, and i'm inclined to agree. they fixed this game, people. the first had a lot of glitches and boring missions. this one made me annoyed sometimes - the controls still aren't absolutely perfect - but the game is a definitive experience. and the story...man! it's been a while since i've had a storyline that didn't emotionally move me and yet still was so bloody interesting.

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