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$99 Dreamcast - BRAND NEW!

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new dreamcasts!

100$ brings you a new system with cables and that, a controller, a web browser disc, and a demo disc. dreamcast games are super cheap nowadays, too, so you can get a bunch of games for pretty cheap.

check it out, guys! probably one of the most underrated consoles in history, right here.

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Tempting. Most tempting. I have a used one i picked up a couple of years ago, but who knows when it might give up the ghost? With great games like Third Strike, Bangai-O and Mark of the Wolves, i kinda owe it to myself to keep them from collecting dust...

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I still have my special edition black dreamcast from years back. Had to do the controller port mod on it though (there's a flaw in the design that will fry the controller port board after X hours of X controllers playing through it).

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