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  1. You guys can add me has a friend in Audiosurf if you want, I go by the name VersusTheRest! ^^ You can also find me on www.myspace.com/versustherest and www.reverbnation.com/versustherest
  2. The Chankast emulator works great for me, much better then the ps2 one, probably since dreamcast is built on windows CE.
  3. I think it's fun to cover songs, for many reasons... A hard song might be a better challenge then what I can come with on some occasions...I think any musical experience adds up. Learning country just might improve heavy metal licks. I really like covering a song, but making it very different, the way I see it...which changes slightly at any moment in life. I also love to sing and signing is "easy" to pick along any song, so is playing chords at same time. Of course having tab files help, I still have a hard time finding the chords while I sing lol Most songs I compose end up being hard to sing and play at the same time, I prefer to compose with riffs then basic chords...so playing others songs makes it easier to sing along too. It's great fun to play along the mp3, I can do that with my own songs...but it's not like I composed and recorded 1000's and I get bored real fast of any song. Never learning anything else then ones own songs is a weakness, same goes in staying in the same type of music all the time. There again, multi-styled composers are even rarer then just composers. So I think there are pleeenty of good things to learn in playing "other people's music" and it is an important part in realizing ones self has a musician.
  4. I'm about to listen to it but I got interested in the sf2 files, although, I don't really understand how to use the files or change em into midi/wav/something lol
  5. Omg, really? How are we suppose to figure that one out, kinda like pressing reload a long time, I only know it because a friend played on my pc and I saw him sheathing the gun.
  6. Well, I don't really know the music from romancing saga much...but I also listen to sweet VG music when I sleep This tune is quite good, the sound is simply awesome. I wish I could get a sound half has good sounding then this, then I might be open enough to post some remixes here. But whatever I do, it always sounds like shit cos I couldn't do a good mix even if the universe depended on it lol. Very good song! The base chords of the song isn't something I never heard before (I never heard the original) but the song is so well crafted and sounds great, so it's enjoyable all the way.
  7. Contemporary pop music is usually hated by "underground" musician. 20 years after, it's a classic to "new" musicians. Hell I remember a DoD listening party we're a 70's disco song was super cool but a contemporary pop one sucked. If those same musician would in the 70's I bet they would say disco sucks. Some people just hate all pop music just for the sake of not being part of the mass. Or, many musicians that like a semi-underground band but if that band becomes super popular, they will start to hate it. For myself, I don't mind pop music but I don't enjoy more then 10% of it. Pop music is mostly what I do. That doesn't mean it's not original, it just means I want music to please to a larger audience while still remaining true to what I like.
  8. Damn that Centaure boss is hard in Ecclesia, well not impossible, but ...he already killed me 2 times arrrrg. Yeah a lot of people tole me Ninja Gaiden ...four, hehe, is hard. I know the first one on NES was quite hard. When you die at last boss, you have to redo the whole stage. At least, the boss which comes in 3 forms one after the other, stays in last form he has beaten you with. The 2 other ninja gaidens we're hard, but I guess the practice I got from playing the first one was enough
  9. I really like Risk and I spent a lot of time thinking about good strategies...but if you have bad luck, forget it.
  10. Yeah lol, but...speaking of which, did you guys try out the new castlevania's bosses? Unless you plan on using healing items, a lot of em are pretty hard when you didn't try a couple times. The hardest Castlevania since Dracula's Curse in my opinion.
  11. Ah yes, if you hit on the snare...don't ever leave your drum stick on the skin. Lift up right after the strike! A lot of beginners that I have seen don't know that
  12. I'm happy my electronic drum set since it's a lot less noisy and I can change the sound after I record Has for learning to play...hm...don't forget to have a good coordination, don't be lazy on this. Start with some beats you feel comfortable with, if you can't play those correctly, why would you go try to learn beats you probably won't ever do more then 2 times and then laugh about it ^^ Play with emotion and nuances...don't always strike hard. Learn to use your wrists more drum skin to rebound since it will probably make you tighter, especially if you change drum sets sometimes. If you are already a musician, I'm sure you will have noooo problems anyway
  13. It's much harder to make people interested in your music then having a sex change these days.
  14. Well I'm not sellin...I'm giving www.myspace.com/versustherest all next donations go to upgrade from my web cam microphone! ;p
  15. Looking back today, i agree not many Genesis games holds out over time. 39 is almost pushing it but, nonetheless, some music tracks we're pretty good, even if they would have sounded better on another 16 bit system i will not name
  16. I'm lucky enough to know most games where remixes come from. That Corel Prison song remixed, StringMachine, is extremely different from the original. Well the first one is in 3/4, the remix in 4/4. It's one of my top 100 remixes from here for sure! It's better then the original, although it fits well in the game.
  17. We are the zombie? Nah, I don't like it...if the full town npc's would be flesh eating zombies, now that would be cool
  18. Actually, places I did GBA game testing, we used the visual boy emulator. You should also know, that emulator came out, before the gba came out in Japan...sure it's updated, but I think nintendo is indirectly responsible for creating this emulator at first. So, being harder because of an emu is a possibility but it might be more because of a emu plugin or something.
  19. I heard savage isn't that good compared to the HL mod Natural Selection. Check that game out if your looking for a mix of RTS/FPS, I've been playing this game for years and it's a lot of fun. http://www.unknownworlds.com/ns/ Why a game this good, is not popular escapes me. Oh and it's free if you got a copy of half life 1 and some versions of counter-strike. About starcraft, in 3 parts? Well, they are already corrupted billionaires, what do you expect, to make friends?
  20. Ah damn! If only I would read Japanese better
  21. Well the songs are not really sold...anyway, sharing a link is not that bad I heard em on you tube, but it would be nice to have em in mp3 right away
  22. Hey does anyone have a link to a torrent with megaman 9 songs?
  23. A sniper that shoots capsules that tells the victims body cells to catch fire. A machine gun that fires lasers trapped in mirrors. A forum with no useless hate.
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