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Terror in the Depths of the Blog:

I was looking through Konami of Japan's website again and came across Akira Yamaoka's blog relating to his recently released album iFUTURELIST. Although completely written in Japanese, I found multiple mentions on Silent Hill within what little text I could translate. In addition to this, he seems to have been very active this month in filling his blog, which, to me, suggests that something important is happening in Yamaoka-san's life/career. Some photos show him giving some sort of presentation, while others seem to be unrelated to anything outside of iFUTURELIST. Although, I suspect that this recent peak in blog activity is due simply to the release of the fourth volume of the iFUTURELIST collection, but complete translation may reveal additional information regarding Akira's involvement in either Silent Hill (the film) or with Silent Hill 5. I report more after I've translated the complete texts.

Akira Yamaoka Official Blog - iFUTURELIST

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Times like these, I really wish I could understand Japanese. Bleh :(

Ifrit, I've been trying to look up info on this but isn't Konami Gamer's Day soon? There's a chance we might learn something new when that rolls around.

*just now noticed Ifrit's signature and slaps self on the head repeatedly....though it doesn't have a date*

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Some of you may have heard of a new symphonic game consert, called PLAY!, and they will be playing music from the Silent Hill games. Their very first consert will take place in Stockholm, Sweden. Right where I live. And I can't even afford to go... But, the rest of you might, when it gets closer to you.

Read more here:


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Some new Silent Hill news! Apparently, Komani has just released information on a new....thing....for PSP, called "The Silent Hill Experience"

It's a sort of interactive UMD that has 6 different 15 minute long animated Silent Hill comics, interviews with the director of the SH Movie and with Yamaoka, stills and trailers from the games and for the movie, 20 music tracks from the games hand-picked by Yamaoka, and a behind-the-scenes look at the SH Movie.

It should be released this coming Spring.


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Ifirit, I've been trying to look up info on this but isn't Konami Gamer's Day soon? There's a chance we might learn something new when that rolls around.

*just now noticed Ifrit's signature and slaps self on the head repeatedly....though it doesn't have a date*

Konami Gamer's Day Update:

The Silent Hill Experience:

Although Konami kept the time and location of their annual Gamer's Day Press Event, it was held today in a local SOMA club called the Mezzanine in downtown San Fransico, CA. The press event featured highly anticipated information on games and additional media to be released this year. Among this plethera of gaming delights was no mention of the next sequel in the Silent Hill series. In it's place, however, is a UMD encoded (PlayStation Portable [PSP]) equivalent to The Art of Silent Hill or Lost Memories: Art and Music of Silent Hill called "The Silent Hill Experience," which will focus on all things Silent Hill released outside of the video game world (i.e. the Silent Hill comics, film, etc.).

To focus on these outside works, the UMD disk will contain 6 animated sequences of the Silent Hill: Dying Inside series (possibly including one tale from the Three Tales comics released after SH:DI), interviews and behind-the-scenes photage of Silent Hill (film), and a collection of "Akira's Picks" of music from the games. For Silent Hill fans, this is your reason to buy a PSP.

IGN - "Silent Hill Experience"

GameSpot - "Konami takes new tack in 2006"

GameSpot - "Silent Hill gets Experienced"

Trailer - The Silent Hill Experience (.mov format) [MegaUpload Mirror]

Trailer - The Silent Hill Experience (.wmv format) [MegaUpload Mirror]

EDIT: Damn! I was too late.[/reference] Looks like Nulion beat me to the punch. Uploading those mirrors took longer than I thought.

It's Hard Being Green:

Although somewhat off-topic, I thought this article was very cool. Vixx, a long-time member of the Silent Hill online community & staff member for Silent Hill Heaven, received a package the other day as a thank you from Akira Yamaoka for some work she did on his initial website. I just can't help feeling envious that she recieved an autographed poster for Heather and a free copy of iFUTURELIST. I really need to check out that album.

Furious Angel - "The Day I Had a Surprise Package

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Hehe, didn't mean to steal your thunder there ifrit, was pretty happy to have heard there was something Silent Hillish to stick into my PSP in the near future :)

About that iFUTURELIST album though, it's pretty amazing how utterly different Yamaoka-san's normal, non-SH music is from the things he does in the SH games. You ever hear some of his tracks in the DDR series? Sme of them are actually pretty good and catchy...but NOTHING like his SH work.

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Likely the reason that there is a difference between Akira Yamaoka's work for Silent Hill and his other gaming compositions are based on the type of sound he desires and the influences that he uses to construct the music. Although he cites no particular artist in general, he does mention being influenced by certain genres and subgenres. For example, when composing "You're not Here," he was looking to create a rock piece that had pop overtones in order to reflect the type of music a teenager such as Heather would listen to. For the "Robbie Tracks" remix album, he was looking for a definite/characteristically European techno sound. Thus, for the Bemani titles, he tries to create high energy pieces that reflect various dance club vibes and often his work displays again a European influence.

The more I listen to his music (and to others' music), it becomes easier and easier to hear various genre influences in his work while still managing to avoid sounding like any particular artist. According to various interviews, Akira Yamaoka likes Bristol sounds (Punk/Rock), German techno and electronica, airy New Age music (usually originating from Central Europe as interpretations of traditional Asian folk songs) and American Jazz and Blues. I find that his specific tastes in music help him to know what distinguishes one sound from another, which is probably why his style is so unique. (Personally, I like his work on the Shin Contra [Contra: Shattered Soldier] album because it was the only time where he was trying to make a soundtrack sound like "video game music;" though he has stated that he wishes that he could have made it more "video-gamey.")

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Silent Hill Fanworks: Films

Since we're sharing Silent Hill-related videos, here are a couple more that you might want to check out.

El Despues (The Aftermath):

"El Despues" is a fan-created, short film inspired by "Jacob's Ladder" and the Silent Hill games, as well as a little known Chinese film called "The Eye." (The premise of "The Eye" is about a blind woman who, after receiving a cornea transplant, begins to see paranormal phenomena. However, she is without any visual memory so she is unware that it is paranormal. This leads to a series of plot twists and revelations.) Anyway, this fan film shows the audience what happens in the wake of a suicide.

The film is clearly inspired by the Silent Hill series, most particularly by Silent Hill 3, but in the most unexplainable way, since there are no obvious symbols or characteristics in the short film. Still, this is really one of the better live action films to be created in the name of "Silent Hill" (*shutters at the mention of "Silent Horror"*) as it captures that tale-tell "feel" in the games without actually incorporating any of the trademarks of the series (i.e. the alternate world, strange monsters, wheelchairs, nurses or obvious religious motifs). Instead, the film utilizes the cinematic aspect of the games and creates a narrative through camera angles and facial expressions, so pay special attention to these things. In addition to this, there is no dialogue (with exception to the introduction), which further places emphasis on actions and emotions. Tres cool.

Since this is a fan-made film, there are some inevitable trademarks of being a fan-made film. Specifically, the lighting in the film is made to be very dark in certain places and intensely bright in others, which is intentional. However, when viewing this on Google's video page, the plain white background adds a contrast that makes the film appear darker and obstructing what you can see. To remedy this, I suggest you download the film first and view it on the player of your choice such that the background does not create said contrast. Also, whether due to Google's resolution limitations or by fault of the creators, the picture clarity is rather poor, only allowing you to see mostly pixels at times.

In any case, this is an impressive and fun fan film that captures the Silent Hill motif without using it's trademarks, which makes the connection back to the series much more intangible. So, enjoy. (I know I'll never look at christmas lawn ornaments the same way again.)

El Despues (by Andes Ciambotti)


"Nevermore" is short film that retells the classic poem created by everyone's favorite American alcoholic poet: "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe. However, it retells the story in a modern setting using modern filming techniques, mostly inspired by Japanese horror games and films, of which includes the Silent Hill series.

Like "El Despues," "Nevermore" creates a narrative using simply actions and expressions without dialogue as the method of execution. One need not be familiar with Poe's most noted work to appreciate the film, but it offers a closer insight into what the symbols and metaphors mean when taken into context.

The premise of this short film revolves around a young school teacher who in the solitude of the afternoon begins to question his sanity as strange things happen in the classroom. Again, similar to "El Despues," the film emulates the essence of "Silent Hill" without using it's trademarks, but invokes the vibe from Silent Hill 4: The Room than from the others in the series. This is most noticable seeing as though the teacher is capable of leaving the classroom, yet he feels compelled to remain there. It's coupled also by the recasting of the raven as a student.

This is just a great fan film that makes you think just as much as it makes you creeped out. It reminds me most of the series "Boogiepop Phantom" in terms of visuals and character development, but it could be also said of any Japanese genre film. My only wish would be for the director to have taken better advantage of the musical score in this one, as the short feels too silent (if ever there was such a thing). Still, I highly recommend this one.

Nevermore (by Mark Lee)

EDIT: In an strange twist of events ala six degrees, I managed to stumble across RazorOutlaw's myspace page after following links from the director of "Nevermore." I was reading some posts made by this presumed "Josh" and thinking to myself, "Wow, this guy is pretty sharp. I wonder who he is?" Then, I see that's it him. That explained it all.[/non sequitur]

Anyway, I hope you come out okay after dealing with the reprocussions of Personal Victory Day, Razor. (I work in retail as well, so you've earned at least 20 respect points from me.)

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Oh, had another little relevant blurb...Saw this one over on IMDb, and it's definitely worth a look...

Go to this link


And that is a link to one of the Silent Hill movie wallpapers. However, try changing the number in the "sh_wp5_" section of that URL...anything from 1 to 7. And in there are 3 hidden wallpapers that are not on the official website.

#1 in particular is pretty sweet, as the thing in the picture can only be described as the final boss in Silent Hill 2. At least that's what it looks like from where I'm sitting, hehe.

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