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OC ReMix @ PAX 2009!

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Enjoyed the panel, guys. I thought you did a good job of pimping the site and the remix community in a way that would connect with the PAX audience-- it seemed like you focused more on the tie-ins to gaming and the industry than, say, explaining "rearrangement." :nicework:

You should start all your panels with Music of my Groin... it was like a rite of passage for the uninitiated in the audience, a litmus test to weed out people with weak stomachs or good ears. I was terrified that half the audience would walk out :-o

(I was a split second from requesting Toyota Disco, so who am I to judge.)

Here's some pix, mainly of me being AWESOME:

... and me in brown laughing at the "We've severly overestimated the average size of PAX attendees!" comment. That "buy two" bonus was a good call-- I didn't hear anybody buying just one item.
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There has been confirmed cases of H1N1 Influenza (Swine flu) at PAX. On Penny-Arcade's website they list the flights and trains where confirmed cases may have travelled. So you all might to be extra careful if you feel a bit of a flu coming in or if you exhibit the symptoms. Go on PA's website for the full information.

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Boss Medley:

- posted 9/8/09

Space Pirates+NES Theme:

- posted 9/8/09

Item Room, Item Collect, Kraid, Ridley (whole songs) - etc:

- posted 9/7/09

Brinstar (whole song):

- posted 9/7/09

Brinstar/LowerNorfair (whole songs) -

- posted 9-7-09

Phendrana Drifts (whole song)-

- posted 9-7-2009

Brinstar (whole song)-

- posted 9-7-2009

Brinstar (clip)-

- posted 9-6-2009

Kraid (whole song) - http://www.twitvid.com/F0C8A - posted 9-5-09

Lower Norfair (clip) - http://www.twitvid.com/A761B - posted 9-5-09

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Man, I knew there was somewhere I'd been forgetting to post-PAX post.

Panel was awesome. Nothing I could have thought of to improve it given the 1 hour length limit they put on you.

Handing out stickers to the merch line was unexpectedly fun. And it was great of Dave to buy us all dinner afterwards.

I did come down with the PAX pox, (or H1Nerd1, as the cool kids are calling it), though.

Still, the weekend as a whole was totally worth a few days of sick. I mean, I hadn't realized going in that I was going to get an opportunity to play Diablo 3, starcraft 2, scribblenauts, etc...


I'm also amused that I'm in no photos ever, despite being just off-camera for a whole bunch.

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