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Remix Album Release (free) - Leads Of Fury

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Ok, this is a remix album I have done over the past year or so, it has all my mixes I have done over the year (excluding project tracks) along with some posted ocremixes, and a few to be posted ocremixes... :P

So i'm posting this here, because I don't want too many people to hear my ocremixes before they are posted yet, and you guys have helped me develop as a musician, so this is my thankyou in a way - anyway you probably may recognize a few of these remixes as you guys helped me with a few of them :D

The title was penned by DJP from one of my mix writeups, the legend that he is :D

Enjoy dudes :D

Leads Of Fury

*SIGH* Another must-have album of tracks to download...I've got like wut...200 songs that I still have yet to listen to. Way to go Willrock, it's all your fault :<

Good stuff btw =p

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Huh? I appreciate all the comments I get for my album... I read and liked what you said, why would you think I passed it up?

All i'm doing is having a bit of a laugh with this thread thats all :tomatoface:, I don't mean to ignore any serious critique if thats what your impression is.

i shoulda tossed in a :tomatoface: emoticon too because i was only 25% serious :D (why do i always come off as serious? lol)

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