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Super Mario Z


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The story may seem cliche, but it's actually good. I'd read that text if I were you.

Oh, I did read the text. The story isn't bad. The way they introduced new characters worked. It just feels really long-winded towards the latter episodes. For instance, all the back-story in Episode 7 was just tedious to go through for me, and the trend was that each episode's story part just got longer and longer. Those text driven areas just are not the series' strong point, and they kept getting longer and longer.

That said, I wholly enjoyed the series, and it's a good little series. I wouldn't have watched them all if I hadn't thought it was pretty cool. :) The fights were very entertaining and really had some neat elements. I also really enjoyed watching the quality of the animation increase as the series went on. :)

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I have a feeling that's going to play a big part later. Maybe Mario dies and Sonic has to revive him?

Nah, cuz if you remember Professor Gadd already gave them a 1-up (when Luigi and Mario stocked up on supplies before heading into the plane).

The 1-up was just a reference to the chaining enemies for a 1-up trick in old Mario games; nothing more.

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