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Buying a Famicom


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And these are the 2 deals I'm looking at right now:



I don't know a lick of japanese, so the deal with the 3 DQ games would be problematic, gameplay wise. However, the other deal costs more but includes less games, but is in better condition.

Just want some opinions on which is the better deal, and which one you would pick. Thanks!

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That is WAAAAAY overpriced. I bought an old version of the Famicom for $3 a while ago. BUT if you are going to be spending that much money DEFINITELY get the new Famicom version. The picture quality is a thousand times better and it uses the standard RCA jacks. Plus the controllers are better and you can plug any NES controller into the ports, unlike the old Famicom where the controllers are hardwired into the system. I'd recommend NOT getting this. It's a total ripoff and the included games are crap aside from Mario 1. Everything else can be bought for $.50~$2 each.

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Doesn't the Model 2/NES 2/top-loader/NES-101 play all cartridges regardless where it comes from?

I've never had the second iteration of the NES, just the first one.

Possibly but the NES and Famicom carts are quite different physically. Famicom carts are a lot like Megadrive/Genesis carts in size and thickness. Much cooler IMO, but not sure if they'd fit in an US/Euro NES 2.

The Famicom 2 is fantastic though... Basically exactly the same as the NES 2 but made for Famicom carts. It's a bit pricy but worth it in my opinion... Some classic games like Castlevania can be rediculously expensive but I've gathered a very nice Famicom collection over the past few years. Japanese used game shops will make any true gamer weep with joy at their insane completeness. You can go in one and expect pretty much ANY obscure system or game to be sitting on a shelf or in a pile somewhere.

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What you most likely want is a nes 60-72 pin converter that will make famicom carts work on a US NES system.

While all of the deals on ebay are ridiculously overpriced, this is what I am talking about.

Much better than hunting down an old Famicom, especially if you already have a NES.

Also, be careful that you do not get a 72-60 pin converter, as that will do the opposite of what you want (NES games on a famicom).

Fun Trivia: Some of the early NES carts such as early revisions of Dig-Dug/Gyromite, actually contained the Famicom pcb, along with a 60-72 pin converter board inside of the NES housing.

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