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The music artist Audix is no more...

Sole Signal

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...and will be replaced by the persona "Sole Signal." Here's a promo video for the change with new music:

The reason? I'll say legal issues and leave it at that. I'll be working with Larry and djp to make the transition here at OCR, so consider this your warning. This makes my physical CD release at Protagonist Records, "One Day Millennium," very much of a limited edition. Pick it up here, where it will be available for a short time.

Don't worry, the remixes here at OCR won't cease, as I have several submitted now and more on the way.

Updated Sole Signal links: (would love any new subscribers or "fans")

Sole Signal home page

Facebook page

Youtube channel



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Welp, just gave me a reason to get your CD at last!
Hope you like it.. :)
Sole Signal is pretty badass. Unfortunately, this change came up long after Larry and I recorded the newest episode (released just today) of our podcast where we played "Time to Brawl", so whoops. We'll be sure to mention it the next time we're able to. I was at least able to correctly reflect the change in the shownotes.
Oh cool. Good to see that that track is getting its way around. It will take some time for the transition to be complete, and I appreciate everyone who helps spread the word.
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Good question. The final decision was made lounging at a local coffee shop, after whittling down three pages of scribbles to a few possibilities.

We looked through everything for a few weeks until I came up with the word "signal": dictionaries, thesauruses, Biblical concordances, advice from OCR folks, random band name generators.

When I first started looking, I was thinking something much more abstract of a word--even to the point of creating a new word by meshing different ideas together. Then I came across "signal" and thought it was perfect for an electronic artist. The "sole" creates a double meaning; it's a play on both Christian themes and the more obvious connotation of it being "the" music to listen to.

The soul/sole thing is the only thing that could cause minor confusion but I like the "a-ha!" moments that it creates (just like Neko mentioned), and it's also worth it for the meaning behind it.

Still haven't decided if I want "sole signal" or "Sole Signal" here at OCR.

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