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So Mario & Luigi rob a cab driver....


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and seemed to rough him up pretty good though I doubt they got much. Doesn't help they had one other guy acting as lookout for them with his face shown on the camera...


I have to admit though I :lol: at the video.

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God, I hate it when people molest good role models with this shit. I'm furious.

Isn't it a given it's a couple of muggers that just happen to use the disguise as an ingenious, if not impractical, way to lose the police?

The witnesses did nothing, they probably knew despite the get-up the focus will be on that instead of the actual mugging. Not to mention their faces were not revealed at all. What are the chances that the muggers even thought about that the event of being recorded it would spin off the parody vid that was just linked on this thread..?

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this is funny

and who gives a fuck if people give mario a bad name

he ain't real

Mario is real. He isn't human. But other than that, he is very real as a video game character, a cultural icon and a childhood hero to many. And I assure you that there are at least some people out there who will associate fans with criminals if people are to continue acts like this. Fortunately, the story isn't highly publicized, the occurance of this is rare, and it will probably die down because of these two conditions.

Also, there's nothing funny about being robbed. Wait until someone holds you up at gunpoint and someone pulls your personal belongings out of your hands. Yeah, that's just hilarious. I've had friends who have been robbed, and I've been robbed myself. It's a very violating feeling, even if it's just 20 bucks out of your pocket.

And yes, I'm glad Nintendo isn't making a game about Mario and Luigi and taxis. Finally, people need to stop dressing like the Mario brothers anyway. It's already been overdone, and stopped being cool five years ago.

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