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  1. Holy monkey! (Thats really the first thing I could think of to say) This is epic. This sounds like it could have been on the SSBB soundtrack or something. I would turn up the volume a little on the piano(?) that starts at 0:51 and then have some fast attack strings fade in to back it, then have them come in full force at 1:01.
  2. When I saw this thread title, I was expecting something...different. At least you're passionate about...whatever you were doing there.
  3. I LMAOed at this. I wish I could hear the cab driver's explanation to the police. But its kinda messed up that nobody attempted to help the guy though.
  4. I know its been addressed many times, but I'll ask anyway. Can we please have the alphabet back at the top of the homepage? Its a pain in the ass to find the particular remixes/remixers I'm looking for.
  5. Ah good memories... I kinda wish they would bring back the junction system.
  6. You guys have a TON of talent!!!! Even though it sounded like you all were just playing around, I really enjoyed listening. I'll be looking forward to this!
  7. When I started actually using the sidebar, you go and take it away from me. The darker logo looks cool though. I just wish the whole site could be darker in shade.
  8. I read somewhere, that the creators of Sonic were actually trying to kill him (I'm not really sure why). Thats why they keep releasing these stupid, buggy games, but for some reason, people keep buying them. IMO, If they want to revive him, all they have to do is return to the old style, 2D Sonic games, where all Sonic could do is run, spin, and jump on shit and all you had to do is hold the fucking right analog button to go. These guys are making video games way too complex now-a-days. They are not fun anymore. Its almost like working a second job. Or, maybe I'm just getting old.
  9. Bug and Bug Too! (Sega Saturn) They were pretty cool platformer games with great music. I wish I could find the soundtracks in mp3 format. Oh, and I cant forget Clockwork Knight 1 and 2. That might be too old schoo for some of you kids.
  10. True. That is the only game I've ever watched and enjoyed. lol
  11. As far as games for the PS3 are concerned: If you like action/adventure games, Ratchet and Clank Future is great. Graphics and level design is one of its strong points imo and we need more games out like this one. If you like first-person shooters where the characters are constantly making gay jokes and talking about each other's mother instead of helping you fight off ten guys that are shooting rockets at you...Killzone 2. Its not all that bad though. If you want a fighter game that will make you throw your new PS3 out of the window, run it over with a car, beat it with a hammer, then pee on it...Street Fighter 4. The last boss is fucking ridiculous. This is, without a doubt, the hardest fighting game I have ever played. Metal Gear Solid 4 is a must!
  12. By the way, is there ANYTHING good on PS3?
  13. At least, if you buy used TP, you have a general idea of what is on it. On the other hand, if you buy used paper towles, you have no idea what could be on it until you smell it.
  14. They have 3 used and new available from $47.00
  15. I would definitely love to hear you, GameBox, Audix and Avaris tackle some of these tracks as well. If I had the time, patience, and organizational skills, I would try to get a Project together. What ever happened to that WIP you had a while back? PS...Bump.
  16. This game looks cool. I'll give it a try. But it might take a while for me to download it since I don't have DSL Xtreme anymore.
  17. Has anyone said The Number 23? If not...The Number 23. Jim Carrey was awesome.
  18. I was touching myself during the survey. Is that all right?
  19. Hello all. I need a bit of assistance trying to figure out a problem I experience when I burn DVDs using Nero Vision. Once the burning process is finished and I put it in the DVD player, the picture quality comes out great and everything like that, but the audio is totally out of sync with the video. When I say that, I mean I actually hear what is going on about 10-15 seconds before I see what is going on. On the avi file, everything is perfect, but when I burn it to a DVD, its completely screwed. I'm using Nero 7 Ultra. Does anyone have any ideas?
  20. Lets just say, if I walked around with my mp3 player on all day and night, I still wouldn't be close to hearing all of the songs that are on it.
  21. I don't really like Timbo that much, but I can understand why he wouldn't want to waste alot of time working on just one beat. Hell, I'm pretty sure he has alot of people lined up, that want him to work for them. The way I see it, he is getting paid for the beat, not for how much effort he puts into it. Nice work, btw. I'll be saving this one on to the HDD.
  22. This is so true I had to quote it twice. The UAC is completely useless and annoying as hell! For example, if YOU click on a desktop icon, before the program comes up, you'll get a popup asking for permission to run the program. WTF? I think to myself, "I just clicked on the program, I expect it to run, why in the hell are you asking me for my permission?" The only other problem I'm having is the fact that some programs will crash for absolutely NO REASON AT ALL!!!!!!! The program will be running fine, then all of a sudden, a popup comes up and say the the program is not running properly and has to close. I have no idea whats up with that shit. The only thing that hurt my feelings about vista is the fact that NONE of my games will work on windows vista! I have Battlefield 2142, Medal of Honor, City of Heroes and Villains, and a host of others I can't think of right now. Now, other than the previously stated gripes, I, personally, am enjoying the Vista platform. It has some damn helpful features when it comes to installing hardware and drivers unto your computer. And I am pleased with its sleek appearance.
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