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The OverClocked Plaid Muffins - Kirby Super Star - Ska Buffet - ACCEPTED!

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still waiting to hear this one.... hopefully it'll get posted soon! It's already been 3 months since it passed!

Once it gets posted on OCR, are you going to give us a link to the "unclean" version, since it appears the clean version is what is being posted.

The other version must be the one that is on the Kirby Super Star Album.

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Ahh... I did not realize there was a Kirby album in the works. Cool.

Yeah, after the song was completed, halc contacted me and requested that the track be on MilkyWay Wishes. I didn't think it would be fair to people who had waited for us to finish and submit it as a regular remix, plus some people wanted a version without the swear words. MWW gets the dirty version, clean version was the one subbed and accepted by OCR, and is not (or should not) be treated as a project mix.

It's going to be a while probably before it is posted. There's a lot of other tracks that go waaaaay back that are still waiting to be posted, so it's no biggie. Every track deserves its time in the limelight, so just be patient because it will be worth the wait.

In other Plaid Muffins news, we wrapped our track for the Mega Man X series project, Maverick Rising, last month. It's an even rocky-er style than Ska Buffet, still incorporating brass though, of Armored Armadillo. It's called Tuck N' Roll, and the vocals for that track are done by PrototypeRaptor and myself.

Additionally, we're about to wrap our track for the Seiken Densetsu 3 project, Songs of Light and Darkness. It's a more reggae-ska style track, based on the source track Splash Hop, and has me trying to do my best/worst singing style similar to The Specials. That track is just about done, only needing some mixing work.

There will be other stuff coming up for sure, but I believe we're going to be taking a break from project mixes to focus on other tracks and not having to constrain to project timelines (projects are all well and good, but the coordination involved for all the members in this group is super-difficult at times).

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