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The OverClocked Plaid Muffins - Kirby Super Star - Ska Buffet - ACCEPTED!

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UPDATE: Due to the overwhelming response to this, it has been turned into a super-mega-ultra collab. Refer to the following:

Tentative roster:

Guitars, Drums, Arrangement, Lyrics – Level 99

Vocals - Luiza

Alto Saxophone – Cyril the Wolf

Tenor Saxophone – Xenon Odyssey

Trumpet - Swann

Trombone, Brass Arrangement – PrototypeRaptor

Trombone – HitoriJaNai

Bass – DeathBySpoon

Mixing services – Avaris

Information for those involved in this mix: Once PR gets all the parts written down, he will get them to me and they will be distributed. Then just get me your recordings via email or hosting service like mediafire, and I will take care of the placement and then send it off to Avaris for mixing. Bass should just get me the stuff whenever possible.

Even though there is no specific due date, I'd love to have this done around Christmas-time. I know at least one of the brass players wont have their mic until that time, but if everyone else can get stuff in before then, that'd be awesome. To be able to have this ready by around MAGFest would be INSANE, but I'm not going to put too much pressure on it. Thank you, everyone.

We are The OverClocked Plaid Muffins.


cyrilthewolf is doing the vocals for this, a ska version of Gourmet Race. The vocals are missing but it's pretty obvious where they go, I wrote the lyrics to go along with the lead of the original tune.

My WIP: http://www.mediafire.com/?gjt0kwutzxt

Original song (so you can hear where the lead is):


Ska Buffet (All you can eat) (Gourmet Race Type 2)


I am eating food, sweet and tasty dishes, dude

It is loads of fun but all these calories are bad for you

Chinese, sushi please, Spanish, Thai Food, it's all good!

Shove it all in my mouth and I will give you cash

Chips and salsa, peanut butter, tenderloin and rack of lamb

Microwaving me some kettle corn and the tv dinners are being baked now

Giant burgers and burritos, deli meats and lots of cheese

Bar-be-ques and large potato salad, I'll eat everything!

I'll clear out all the buffets in every city in no time

Most grocery stores have posted "no pink marshmallow" entry signs

But let's disregard these warnings and digest every last bit

From frozen food and the bakery to snacks, sodas and chips

So let's hit up all the drive-thrus and convenience stores near here

My jaw ain't chewing something now, starvation is to be feared

For without a constant stream of eats I'll likely to just die

cause I'm Kirby, bitch, and I need food so GET ME FUCKING FRENCH FRIES!

*ska break*

Deep fried cookies, monster cherries , french-fried onions from the can

Only veggies if they're soaked in oil and even then I'd rather eat raw cream cheese

Deep dish pizza, shrimp tempura, crispy flat bread drenched in lard

I don't care if I'm to big to transport, roll me to the foods

I'll clear out all the buffets in every city in no time

Most grocery stores have posted "no pink marshmallow" entry signs

But let's disregard these warnings and digest every last bit

From frozen food and the bakery to snacks, sodas and chips

So let's hit up all the drive-thrus and convenience stores near here

My jaw ain't chewing something now, starvation is to be feared

Why hold back all you inner cravings, restraining for today

When you could eat up the whole world, this ain't no fucking gourmet!


I've been sitting on this song about a month and it's getting close to done. Thoughts? Mind you: the brass will probably be changed before the final version.

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Haha thanks for the feedback, Hitori, Crulex and BP. I'm eagerly awaiting cyril's vocals as well.

Xenon: Brad's not slated to do sax for this. I originally was gonna do this song solo until I realized my voice absolutely sucks, which is when I approached Starla for vox. She declined, and then I went to cyril and he not only offered the vocals but said he could probably do a sax-ditty in there as well. If he doesn't end up doing it, I'll surely come to you. Now if only I could find people who play other brass to totally fill out the instrumentation, I'd be set. And I'll be honest: I spent an hour last night right before going to bed completely redoing the brass and....then Sonar crashed while freezing a track. I hadn't saved, so now I have the Sonar AGAIN set to autosave every 2 changes. I'll try to go back and make the same changes whenever I can, because I did add brass all throughout just to cover until the vocals arrive, and there was huge brass at the end. I know, I'm teasing you now. :tomatoface:

That's awesome you're getting a mic for xmas too!

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Haha okay, whoa, totally did not expect this kind of reception to the WIP. You know, there's really no such thing as "good sampled brass" for this kind of style, so what the hell! Let's get this super-mega-collab going! If y'all are gonna do some brass for it, I'll expect y'all to do writing for your instruments that would be much better than what I had planned. I'm pretty sure just one of you should write the parts for ALL of you, so things all sound good, but first let's start by listing who's doing what:

Vocals: cyrilthewolf

guitars, drums, main arrangement: Level 99

Sax players: cyrilthewolf and Xenon Odyssey

Trumpet player: Ramaniscence

Trombone players: PrototypeRaptor and HitoriJaNai

Fratto hasn't posted here yet and Luke's not confident in his ability, so unless Fratto comes and really REALLY wants to get in on this or Luke has a change of heart, I'll leave it to PR and Hitori if he can figure it out.

Looking at that list...holy crap, wow. Thanks guys! I always joked around about starting a ska band, but damn that is a tasty line-up even if it's for just one song. Rama, what I can do is transpose the song down half a step for you to play, and then take your part and pitch-stretch it up. I hope that would sound decent....hmm...

So, which among you feels like writing all the brass parts for everyone? Also, I just talked to Avaris, and he's willing to take on the task of mastering everyone's live parts so that they sound as similarly-mixed as possible.

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Honestly, the time-frame for this is "whenever we can get to it". I have a ton of project mixes I'm working on currently, and this one is definitely one I want to finish but don't feel that it needs to be SUBBEDRIGHTNOWZOMG, so whatever time-frame works for people is fine. I'd rather have this done RIGHT as opposed to done FAST, as this is the first time I've worked with a possible full-brass section I for-sure don't want to waste the opportunity. So, Rama's down, Xenon's down for after the semester/when he gets his mic, still waiting to hear who wants to tackle writing the parts? :-o

Edit: and Hitori is definitely down, so that's wonderful. Whenever we sub this, we should talk about using a pseudoname to cover our group as opposed to possibly having, like, eight people credited on one mix. More on that later, though!

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I have quite a bit of knowledge with scoring for these instruments, so, if you'd like me to have a stab at it, I'd be more than willing.

Unfortunately, I have a brass quintet to finish first, but perhaps that could be slightly delayed...haha oh, school work...

Anyway, I'd need to know the style you want - I'm getting a very streetlight manifesto vibe from this...(IMHO)

Although, if the vocals were in the track it would make this sound 100x more cohesive - any knowledge of when they'll be done?

BTW, I think I know a bari player, if nobody here could cover that.

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I'm getting a very streetlight manifesto vibe from this...(IMHO)

Heh, guess it's a little obvious that they're probably one of my favorite ska bands, eh? The only one I can think of that I love more are The Skoidats. But anyways, yes yes YES! Streetlight-vibe for this all the way. If you can get that style of brass in there, you have no idea how awesome that would be.

PrototypeRaptor, I'll leave the brass scoring in your hands. If you can talk to your bari-player as well, go for it. I'll send cyrilthewolf a PM today asking when he thinks he can get the vocals done by.

And yes, Hitori, way to state the obvious joke at hand, lol.

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Cheers to Stevo and the gang for what seems like a collaboration of huge proportion!

Looking forward to how the song will turn out.

The blessing of Dj Mokram is enough mystical power to fuel a thousand suns, so it's more-than-enough to make me happy about approval on a mix idea, haha!

I'd love to play bass for this if you want more people, hahaha. This sounds like it'd be a ton of fun to groove to.

Umm, I'll have to think about it. I'd say no harm in possibly sending me some bass stuff you groove out to the song, I'll let you know how well it fits if you want. I do like the adequate bass in there at the moment, but if you're feeling advantageous, go for it and send it to me.

I'm planning on updating the OP to show the roster as it stands, and will add DeathBySpoon if his bass ends up making it in there. I sent Cyril a PM today, will let you know what he says about having the vox ready. PrototypeRaptor, do you have any idea how long it would take you to write the parts for everyone? If not, no worries, I just want to get a rough idea if possible.

Since there are so many people now involved doing parts large and small, I think it's best to work under a group-name. There are many reasons for this: should we choose to work together again in the future we already know what title to work under, it keeps the tags on OCR cleaner, and we get to sound like a real band ZOMG:tomatoface: please suggest some names, as the ones I'm coming up with are pretty crap:

Big Pink Suits

Meta Knight-Life

Tomato-Eatin' Kirbies

Dedede Manifesto

Almost all obvious rip-offs of other ska bands already, my mind is a blank today.

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Alright, I'll get down to work on this then.

Need some info first:

Do we have an alto and a tenor? Or just two altos? Or two tenors?

Need a more specific type than just "sax" haha

Can you guys read changes or do you want to keep it more simple with written solos/solis? (since jamming would be kind of difficult to do)

Also, I'd be much obliged if you could finish laying down the rhythm section so I would know exactly how much time to fill, unless you'd rather me just write the parts and then you work them into the track.

This is going to be totally badass, though. Just sayin'

as far as the name goes, I like working overclocked into it. Not sure about Overclocked Manifesto, but overclocked "______" would be pretty sweet. I'll think about it for a bit

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