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Earthquake in Haiti: Consider donating please

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As many of you would have heard there has been a major 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti last night. It has been a little over 24 hours since the quake hit.




The death toll may be as high as 100 000 people.


I encourage you to contact a registered charity and donate some money to those who are suffering in a small country right now.

From USA:



From Canada:





Be sure to donate through an official registered charity only. There are a lot of scams going on that try to solicit money from people claiming that they will take money to Haiti.

Another advantage is that the Canadian government is willing to match all personal donations made by Canadians. So, if you donate $20, then the government will put in another $20.

Cash is by far the easiest donation for them to handle so I hope that those who visit OCRemix regularly will consider contributing to help out others suffering from this disaster.

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Hello to everyone who would read this thread.

As you may know, I live in the Dominican Republic, the country which Haiti shares its border with. We the dominican people have witnessed more than anyone else the misery and hardships that the Haitian people have to live with every day.

After the earthquake, Haitians lost what little they had to hold dear. Their families, their own life, and the complete city of port au prince has been leveled. I witnessed the disaster first-hand, as I went there with an aid group and believe me when I say it's something not even your worst nightmares could tell.

So I'm asking everyone who can, to send help, visit some of the pages already linked above, the redcross is your best bet. Don't think that only a couple of dollars won't help, because they will. It's not only haitian people that are still trapped in the disaster, but also hundreds of people from different countries who were in haiti helping with non-profit organizations.

As for those who cared and were worried, I am ok, the earthquake was felt pretty hard over here, with some minor damage to buildings but nothing too bad, I don't have internet at home at the moment but hopefully I will have this week.

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To put it bluntly, you can't fix what's left. From what I witnessed, there's only one alternative, to destroy what's left and rebuild from scratch. Actually that's pretty much the plan at the moment. The buildings that weren't destroyed were left in a poor state, they aren't safe, at least in port au prince.

The earthquake today caused some of those buildings to finish collapsing.

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