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  1. "All Rights Reserved" hasn't been required since the Berne Convention though, now creative works are just implicitly copyrighted in signatory countries. Now to cast my stone on the scales. OC Remixes are pretty blatantly copyright-infringing derivative works. Arguing educational fair use is at best a flimsy defense, and parody (someone referenced Weird Al) just downright nonsense. There may be a desire to dismiss Jack's correct information because it's not what one wants to hear, and after all, for someone who pulled their opinion of how copyright works squarely out of their behind (e.g. "it's not infringement becoz no profit lol") it is not unimaginable that maybe others just made up what they're saying too. But Jack didn't. Personally, I'm not looking for a fight or even a concession from anyone, all I hope is that if you absolutely must castle yourself in a "this is how I think it should work" fantasy understanding of what 'copyright' or 'fair use' mean, then at least don't reach out to other people and spread that misinformation, no matter how tempting it may be to fortify your precious self-delusion by dragging others in. You know who you are.
  2. I know this is going to be a controversial post, but I never did approve of selling an album that's pretty much created by cutting and pasting together shit other people made, even if it's in a kind of creative way. Parade rain over.
  3. Congratulations to ProtoDome and apologies to Otaku. I think my voting order shafted you, bro. :'3 But there's always tomorrow. suzumebachi: I don't have photoshop, that's just what GIMP's painting canvas looks like :/ My full entry can be seen in full size here edit:link removed. Bonzai shrunk it to about 74% or so of the original size. Later harlots, see you next thread.
  4. Thanks Sir Snooze, I love this station.
  5. Oh dear, I just remembered why I never took part in this competition before.
  6. I like how listening to the appropriate track somehow completes the image and gives it a mood that makes it look wholly different than it does at a glance.
  7. Already finished mine over a week ago. This is perhaps the best theme for this contest ever, and hopefully the remixers themselves will enjoy the works they've inspired.
  8. "For every dollar you donate out of your pocket to Haiti, we will donate a tax dollar out of your pocket."
  9. Right, so it is just an elaborate recording setting that simulates the ear positions of a human listener. The real ability of the human brain to position sound comes from the ability to turn the head and therefore give the two ears a new orientation. When a person hears a sound not before experienced, the brain cannot know whether this sound is truly coming from the front or back; this ability only comes from learning with experience the difference between how the ears interfere with sounds from different directions. Until this familiarity is achieved and primarily even after it is achieved for sounds often heard, positioning is done by first identifying the sound's position in the left-right direction and then turning one's head. It sounds complicated but we do this instinctively. edit: typo patrol
  10. It can't analyze the sound to detect the positions of sounds because this information does not exist in the recording. With a two-mic recording setup you can only tell positions apart in one direction -- the direction of the axis which connects the positions of the two recording microphones as a beeline. Since a sound from above or below the microphones would record the exact same waveform just as long as its position did not change in relation to this axis, how can the algorithm tell the difference between above and below? It can't. This is my contention. Even our ears have no way of knowing whether a sound is actually coming from the front or back without another sound coming from the opposite direction to compare it to (as the shape of the ear distorts sound according to direction). If you hear a sudden sound coming from the left, what do you do? You turn your head left so your left and right ear can pinpoint the sound's location in a new direction.
  11. Okay, maybe it's just my lack of comprehension here, so Souliarc, as you know more about this whole thing, explain it so I can understand it: The audio is being recorded on two ordinary microphones therefore creating standard two-channel audio. The audio is then played back on two ordinary speakers, producing stereo sound. At what point do we apply algorithm A and how does it turn normal stereo sound into weird 3D true positioning sound, and how exactly does it do that considering that the microphones that recorded the original sound can not differentiate between different sound positions in relation to any axis except the one that connects the locations of the two microphones?
  12. I have to admit that I was unable to distinguish any other directionality but left and right until the narrative basically told me exactly where the sound was coming from. To me having the razor cross from behind my head and over the top sounded exactly alike and I only noticed any difference once the guy explained what he was doing. The only reason I placed the phone behind me is because it wouldn't make sense for it to be ahead of me at a barbershop when there's usually a mirror-wall there. With a bit of imaginative willpower I was able to move every object from behind me to my front. >_>
  13. Didn't this thing just make the rounds here last year? >_>
  14. Super Mario World 3: Wario Land Super Mario Bros 3: Wario Land. I don't get what this bandwagon is about but I sure am hopping on it. (Bleck has it right)
  15. Like I said, I trust Nintendo won't do anything about this project. I'm not condemning it or this site or saying anyone should be sued. It's just that someone suggested covering someone else's compositions for profit is "fair use", and this is clearly misinformation. That is ALL.
  16. I'm no expert in the law but something tells me that when creating an unauthorized commercial derivative work out of essentially the entire musical soundtrack of a game one wouldn't have much luck pleading "fair use". I put my faith in the difference between what Nintendo can do in theory and what they are compelled to do in reality.
  17. I've heard the Legend of Zelda 'Rabbit Joint Cover' at this guy's place, but he was only playing it because he thinks System of a Down made it.
  18. I have a hard time believing humans could possibly compete with that kind of reaction speed and accuracy. The AI could easily stumble in levels that require a creative approach to proceed, which some romhacks have, but those are unlikely to come up since the stages are created by a random level generator.
  19. I'm sorry, I have nothing to contribute.
  20. The way Molyneux explains in great detail the meaning behind every pre-scripted expression and action of the virtual person is strangely reminiscent of how mothers talk about how super smart their young children are. o_O
  21. Also don't be discouraged by the union goombahs. You don't owe loyalty to anyone here.
  22. I like it. :3 Don't be discouraged by the bitter, hateful curmudgeons.
  23. Pushing is the answer. You must go down the stairs.
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